enjoying seaside fun at lytham st annes

Simple seaside fun in Lytham St Annes

One of the best things about UK holidays is what variation we have for holidays. Living in the middle of the country, we do try and get to the seaside on most of our holidays. Seeing the sea signifies holiday time. Our latest few days away were spent in Lytham St Annes, staying in the area St Annes on Sea.

enjoying seaside fun at lytham st annes

We aimed to have quite a relaxing few days. Lytham St Annes is just a few miles from Blackpool, but we were looking for a quieter time. St Annes beach was certainly quieter than Blackpool would have been.

On arrival we found Ashton Gardens opposite the hotel, had a 3 days music festival on while we were there. So we got to listen from our apartment, but did venture out one evening too for some food and a bit of a listen.

drinks bar in a horsebox
watching crepes being made at a festival
festival sight at ashton gardens

We tended to visit further afield than the town itself, but it’s nice to be within short working distance of the beach.

There’s a great stretch of sand which was surprisingly quiet considering we were there over a dry, warm bank holiday weekend. 

Beach at St Annes on sea

We headed there for a bit of a walk when we were inbetween activities or visits and had some spare time.

If you’re after food and refreshments, there are arcades, the usual seaside drinks, fish and chips, snacks and ice creams to enjoy. We didn’t think much to N’s milkshake – a rip off at £4 for basically something that was described as a luxury milkshake but was like a thin overly sweet fake Nesquik style milkshake…with no cream or other toppings. The fish and chips were popular, and my ice cream was really tasty.

Past the empty paddling pool area with band stand style shelter and the Promenade Gardens, if you headed down the promenade there are more arcades, refreshments, a Toby Carvery, and the local swimming pool and gym. It was definitely busier up that end of the beach, so we tended to stay around the pier instead.

paddling pool area at St Annes on Sea

We do like arcades while we’re at a UK seaside town. We’ve been quite successful this summer, but that’s largely to do with getting wise to which games pump out lots of tickets, and finding the 2p machines that give our little trinket gifts too.

St Anne's pier
playing basketball arcade game

Our favourite games are basketball (although rarely give tickets), the piano, and hit the clown. 

We were lucky a couple of times to be given unwanted tickets by other people there, so N managed to get some reasonable prizes – a double pack of easy and hard football and tv/film quiz cards, a cute plushy keyring and some other little bits.

We also had a nice afternoon on the beach. We’d just popped down before dinner,  but N decided that the beach was worth digging on so we sat for a while before he decided we needed to walk to the sea.

looking back towards Lytham St Annes from the sea across the beach

St Anne’s has a long walk to the sea so I had to go with him. 

The view on the walk was glorious. With water left on the beach from the outgoing tide, there were amazing reflections of the clouds and sky. It made for some beautiful photos.

ruined remains of pier at St annes on sea
sky and cloud reflections on watery beach with 2 people walking in the distance
sea ripples when walking in it

N was pleased to reach the sea finally, and it did feel like a trek, taking about 40 minutes to get there and back to our shoes and blanket on the beach. Satisfying afterwards getting the exercise, seeing the view. And much more interesting than just sitting on the beach.

Handily on the way back to the hotel, there were plenty of places to eat, so we were able to nip back, get changed, then go out for dinner. If you’re after a quieter seaside town, then Lytham St Anne’s works really well for families of all ages.

Where’s your favourite seaside town to visit?

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