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Project 52 2022 week 39

This week’s been a really quiet one on the whole. It’s been wet, windy and cold, with tennis being disrupted for the first time in a long time.Here’s our week 39 of Project 52.

After a night out, I really needed a quiet day on Sunday. I didn’t feel like I got to relax much, although I did manage to watch a film (a Christmas one). N made chocolate chip cookies after I managed to burn the cinnamon rolls I’d bought.

Monday our lodgers moved out. For the first time since I can remember, we’ve no one lined up to move in. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get someone else in. It’s been so cold in the house, I’ve got out my fingerless gloves and blanket for working in. Our heating doesn’t usually go on until October.

On Tuesday it was a miserable rainy day, and still cold. N did after school football club. He doesn’t think he’ll get into the school team for the upcoming match, but maybe he will in the squad for future matches. The late bus missed out the 1st village drop off (after arriving to pick them up half an hour later from school than the timetable says), so they all had to come running back down the main road from where we parents were waiting.

N got hit in the chest with a cricket ball some older kids were playing with, while waiting for the bus. It was a little red, but he was struggling to bend down and pick things up with the pain, as well as it hurting to breath. By bedtime it was hurting more so I rang 111 just to check that we didn’t need to get it checked further. After 2 ½ minutes of listening to the Covid automated bits, we spoke to someone. Then a paramedic called me back around 10.30. It was decided that as he was asleep, things obviously weren’t too bad, so stick with calpol and hopefully that would help ease the pain while it healed.

Wednesday not much happened. Just work and school. N’s chest was much better, although he did find it painful after football training. But kept improving more as time went on.  There was no Rusty Rackets for me as the coach was ill.  It meant i could get cakes baked for the PTA refreshments at the school open day. They weren’t successful, despite them being my go to cakes for events.

On Thursday I had a flexi day. In the morning so had arranged to meet a friend for coffee and a chat. It was really nice to catch up and talk about our kids both being at secondary school now. N’s school finished early to prepare for the open evening. I had to make a replacement cake after the other disasters, and pick him up. Doing the PTA refreshments means I made some more friends, but also had a nosy as to who was coming to look round. I also got to meet various teachers, and the academy CEO.

Friday it was a pretty miserable wet and windy day once the rain arrived. I broke out the thermal top which I’d forgotten I’d bought last year. It was a nice short day at work.  Tennis was cancelled due to the weather, so we hunkered down for the night under blankets.

On Saturday I had an early hair appointment. After my pointing out she didn’t cut into my hair last time to give me some ‘layers’, this time she’s got it spot on. Thankfully, because I didn’t fancy having to try and find another hairdresser.

Then it was a rush back to take N to his football match.  It turned out to be a waste of time, and super disappointing for him. He and another boy just didn’t get subbed on, it was like they were totally forgotten (the other boy has started the other 2 games due to others not being available), even though other kids were brought off then subbed back on again.  The first half the team were up 4-0 after playing brilliantly, then halftime meant the opponents came back with 3 fast goals. 

I understand why they would have wanted to get further ahead before subbing him, so had presumed N and the other boy would just get 10 minutes at the end. N reckons they just forgot, because evidently at this level, they have to play everyone who turns up. He says being brought on for the last 5 minutes would have been worse because then it’s basically saying he’s rubbish. 

I feel for him. Yes he’s not the strongest player, and everyone could turn out today – he’s competing with a lot of good players for the position he’s strongest in. He’s missed only one training session due to being ill since he started at Easter, works hard, and listens to feedback. Hopefully he’ll get to play in future matches. Frustrating as if he wasn’t going to play, we could have had more of the morning back to do everything I didn’t have time to do.

He did spend the afternoon out in the garden playing football though. Firstly on his own, then my brother came over and helped him with some training. Always helpful when you’ve got an uncle who’s sporty. That’s all he can do, work hard and improve, and hopefully get more playing time.

conkers held in hand

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  1. Good luck with getting new lodgers. Poor N getting hit in the chest with the cricket ball – I can imagine that must have been very painful. Hope his chest is now okay. Sorry that the football match was so frustrating and that N and the other boy seem to have been forgotten about. Lovely conker photo. #project365

  2. Ahh, how unfortunate with the cricket ball. Luckily he is better.
    Finding a good hairdresser is a difficult job, but it’s great that you are happy with the haircut.

  3. Ouch being hit with a cricket ball is painful! Glad he’s ok though.

    That is a shame re not playing the match, hope he gets a chance soon.

    I don’t celebrate Christmas but I like watching Christmas films. Might try to watch one next time the little one naps during the day!

  4. I have been holding off watching Christmas films but I think I will watch one tomorrow.
    Oh gosh! Poor N! I hope he isn’t feeling too sore after the cricket ball incident.
    Being part of the PTA is a good way to see what goes on at a school. My youngest girls school doesn’t have one. Hmmf.
    That sounds so disappointing about the football for N. I hope he gets to play a full match soon and scores a ton of goals.
    Ahh! Conkers! My youngest has been collecting them all week, coming home with her pockets full. x

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