breakfast bagels recipe

Cheesy breakfast bagels recipe

Bagels are great for any time of day – made into a sandwich for lunch, toasted for breakfast, tea or supper. I tend to have them just toasted with butter, but I really wanted to make them a bit more substantial to last me right through to a late lunch.  I decided to try adding an egg and cheese for a more substantial breakfast bagels recipe.

breakfast bagels recipe

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You can bake a whole load of these at once on a large baking sheet in the oven, so these brunch style bagels would be great for when you’ve got people staying over or coming over.  

They’re versatile too.

Mix up the bagels – although I’d stick with the savoury or plain flavour options – I used sesame bagels, but onion or plain would work well.

cheese ham and egg brunch bagels

A medium sized egg is best, and don’t forget to cut out a bit more of the hole out of the bagel otherwise it will spill over. I had large eggs, and they just overspilled onto the top of the bagel so it wasn’t a disaster.

Other than cheese – in my opinion an essential for any breaded type of item being grilled or baked – you can add whatever you want.  I couldn’t be bother to cook any bacon through first, so just added some ham. But you could have mushrooms or pepper instead.

This breakfast bagel recipe is so easy to make. I baked mine in the oven because our grill isn’t the best. You could try grilling them, but it’s hard to get the egg cooked without overdoing the cheese on top.  If you’ve an air fryer you could use that to make these.

The recipe is as easy as cutting out more of the bagel holes.  Place on a baking tray cut side up.  I used my reusable non stick baking liner which meant it would be easy to get the egg off if it split.

Break an egg into each bagel hole.

bagels with cracked eggs

Top around the bagel with grated cheese, and pieces of ham or other toppings if adding.

eggy bagel with cheese and ham on top

Then bake in a preheated oven at 180C for about 15 minutes until the cheese is melted and the egg white is opaque and cooked through.

cheesy brunch bagels

These should be eaten with a knife and fork because as you cut in you should find the egg yolk oozes out. 

egg oozing out of breakfast bagels

What toppings would you add to your breakfast bagels?

If the egg seems too much bother, why not try using bagels to make a fast ‘pizza’ alternative. Check my alternative pizza ideas post which gives tips on what you can use instead.

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