sweet and savoury dips

Best dips – savoury and sweet dips

I’m always surprised my son doesn’t really like dips because they’re so versatile, and there’s so much variety of flavours. There’s savoury dips – great for crisps or crudites, or even warm ones for crusty bread. Or those like queso dip which can be used for a queso chicken sauce.  Alternatively sweet dips can be made into a dessert or treat. And they’re great for both adults and children, everyday and party food.  So here’s a selection of some of the best dips, both savoury and sweet.

sweet and savoury dips

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Savoury dips

Onion and garlic – crushed garlic, grated onion added to sour cream and mayo, plus lemon and parsley.

Cheese and chive dip – a combination of sour cream and mayo, with chives, lemon juice (and optional garlic powder)

Aioli – a thick dip of garlic and olive oil

Tzaziki – a really fresh tasting dip, with yoghurt and cucumber.

Salsa – create your own with a base of fresh tomatoes, onion, lime juice, chilli, and coriander.

Guacamole – an essential for most mexican dishes, especially nachos. With avocados it’s a pretty healthy dip.

Roasted garlic dip – take whole bulbs of garlic, chop off the top to expose the cloves and bake til tender. Then squeeze out the softened garlic, blitz, then mix with sour cream, mayo, spring onions, vinegar and seasoning.

Smashed cannelini bean dip – simple ingredients with lemon, greek yoghurt and cumin added to cannelini beans and chick peas.

Houmous – classic savoury dip made from chickpeas, tahinis, garlic and spices.

crudites and dips

Satay / Bang bang sauce – peanut butter based dipping sauce.

Pea and mint dip – light fresh bright coloured dip made from frozen peas.

Yoghurt and herb dip – greek yoghurt, spring onion and herbs.

Feta and honey dip – just whip together feta cheese, greek yoghurt, lemon, honey, garlic and olive oil to make a thick dip.

Pesto dip – mix roasted garlic cloves with cream cheese, then top with pesto and bake til warmed through. You can top with sliced baby plum tomatoes before baking for extra flavour. Serve warm

Pesto pizza crust dip – add a swirl of pesto to mayonnaise and stir in. Tastes great if you dip in your pizza crusts.

Cheese and bacon dip – a cheese mix base with cream cheese, mayo, cheddar and greek yoghurt, worcestershire sauce and onion powder, topped with cheese and crispy bacon. Heat before serving.

Queso mexican – I use this dip to make a Queso chicken recipe. It uses a base of tomatoes, onions, cream cheese and cream, best served warm.

queso mexican dip

Pizza dip – warm pizza fondue, cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes

Oven baked camembert or brie – as simple as it sounds. Bake the whole cheese in the oven til softened, add toppings of choice if wanted. Dip in crusty bread.

Buffalo chicken dip – a warm dip you can make in advance and heat through before serving, with chicken, cream cheese, buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing/sauce 

Sweet dips

Vanilla cheesecake fluff – a basic whipped double cream, little vanilla extract and combine with softened cream cheese, and a little icing sugar. This is the base for so many of these dips.

Strawberry cheesecake dip – swirl through some strawberry compote or sauce. Or even better make a strawberry puree by blitzing strawberries in a hand blender. You can add some chopped strawberries throught the dip at the end too.

Lemon cheesecake dip – beat together softened (not room temperature) cheesecake and icing sugar, then add the lemon curd. Follow by folding in whipped cream. 

Pumpkin fluff – make or buy pumpkin puree, add into cream cheese, icing sugar, pumpkin spice seasoning (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves if you’re making your own) and whipped double cream.

Oreo drip – use a cheesecake base, then stir in crushed Oreos

Mint chocolate chip cheesecake dip – whip double cream with vanilla extract, icing sugar and peppermint extract, gently fold the mix into softened cream cheese, and add chocolate chips. Adding in green colouring is optional. 

Nutella mascarpone dip – combine nutella with mascarpone, a little vanilla, and icing sugar if needed. Great for dipping fruit or biscuits.

chocolate dip

Smores dip – a warm dip, great for home camp outs or bonfire night. Make in the oven with chocolate bars on the base of a dish topped with marshmallows and baked for around 5 minutes. Then after 5 minutes to cool slightly, scoop out the dip with digestives or Graham crackers.

Check out these alternative s’mores if you fancy something different to the classic version

Caramel apple cheesecake dip – cream cheese and dulce de leche beaten today, dip apple slices in.

Honey and ricotta dip – use honey for a touch of sweetness, vanilla, and a little fine orange zest.

Whipped coconut cream – for a dairy free alternative and a slightly tropical taste, whip up coconut cream (minus the watery part of the can), add a little powdered sweetener or icing sugar, and a touch of vanilla extract.

Cookie dough (keto) dip – with a cream cheese base, keto friendly sweetener, butter, vanilla and touch of salt and extra dark chocolate chips, this gives a nod to cookie dough.

Christmas gingerbread dip – get the flavours of Christmas in a dip, great for parties and family get togethers. 

How to serve dips

You can serve dips how you want, but I’m a fan of a lazy susan rotating dish, or something you can have the chips and dips in. Otherwise there are so many cute little ramekins or bowls now, there’s plenty to choose from. Or use that hoard of Gu ramekins you may have lurking in your cupboard like I do!

Try these:

What’s your favourite dip recipe?

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  1. My girls will eat dips with everything given the chance, usually a garlic based one. I love Salsa but I love the sound of the cheese and bacon dip that you mentioned. The sweet dips sound so good. I think I am going to have to try some of them.

    1. My OH’s a big dip fan, but it’s strange N isn’t. I’d never thought of warm dips but the queso one is very more-ish.

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