whisking eggs

CAAAAAAKKKKKEEEE – making birthday cake

N loves cake.  In fact, it seems like he’s a bit obsessed.

Although he loves food full stop, and we all like cake so it’s not surprising he likes it too.

Having a birthday weekend (mine), meant lots of baking for friends on Saturday, and then again on Sunday to take into work.

On Friday, we had cakes & biscuits on the kitchen table for people who came round. It meant N spent a lot of time with his nose peeking over and trying to grab what he could see (despite having been given a bit and a snack as per usual).

Saturday I learnt to keep goodies on the worktop. Slightly out of his eye sight so fewer moans about him wanting some.

But Sunday, he had to help me bake birthday cake…well watch, along with a bit of stirring and whisking.

whisking eggs
Whisking eggs

Then he helped me open my birthday present from him. He got excited as he ran off with the yummy biscuits shouting “caaaake”…think we need to clarify the difference between biscuits & cake next!

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