outdoor bar with lights

Project 52 2022 week 38

We’re onto week 38 of the year, and although we’ve not done much different to usual, it’s felt really busy. Here’s our project 52 for this week.

Sunday was a chilly autumnal day. We nipped out to the farm shop, I finished the latest Wasgij puzzle, and just had a lazy day.  

On Monday it was a bank holiday for the Queen’s funeral. N was out all day with the OH, as they were forage harvesting and putting the grass in the silage clamp. It meant I could watch the funeral in peace, while reading or doing my puzzle. 

The state funeral was a huge traditional spectacle. Us Brits do put on a good show of precision and tradition. There was the funeral in Westminster Abbey, we saw the coffin on the gun carriage being pulled by the navy. Then taken from Wellington Arch by state hearse to Windsor for the Committal. 

Tuesday was back to work. I had a VAT training session which was a tad tedious. Even though I’m trying to go to bed earlier, we’re having to be up for 6.40 to be able to get out of the house for bus drop off, so I always feel tired. I haven’t adjusted well to it, even though I’m usually awake just before my alarm. By 9am I feel like I’ve been working for hours. I do try and just work from my set hours now, rather than starting as early as I used to. I have breakfast and read then after dropping N off.

N had a dentist check up. He’d just lost another tooth an hour before, so only 1 baby tooth to go now. 

On Wednesday it was just another work and school day. We’re all wondering when our children’s purchases are going to start showing up through parentpay as nothing’s been taken off the credit so far. N was exhausted after PE at school which was cross country, followed by football training after school.  

I had Rusty Rackets. We have a new joiner which is good. We did serving today and I think my toss up might be improving. Although now when I hit it the ball seems to go miles out. More practice needed. I might be terrible at serving but I’m fairly steady as a doubles player, so I have my strengths.

Thursday felt like Friday. Another busy day at work. Not much else went on.

On Friday it was a mad day at work. Just non stop considering it was a Friday. I managed to fill up my car with diesel without the pump stopping at £99 before the tank was full. Just. It’s so good to see the fuel prices come down a bit. N’s tennis was frustrating as again they didn’t really get to do much rallying. Super frustrating for the older ones who are getting in a lot less tennis than previously, and are having to go through the same basics actions that they were learning years ago.

Saturday it was a lovely day. There was an early away football match. The pitch was basically a field, no toilets, no water access. Just a field. But it was a gorgeous morning, and the children had a well fought out match, with a 4-4 scoreline. We stopped for lunch on the way home. In the evening the OH went to a wedding reception along with most of the family. We decided to go to the nearby outdoor bar – its last night of opening this summer season. It was a lovely night, speaking to lots of people from the village and old school. A good end to the week.

outdoor bar with lights

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  1. Most of the pitches my kids played on were just fields with no facilities, so we used to take a camping stove to brew up for both sides parents. Hope you’ve adjusted to the early mornings. Ours start at 6am so I have time for breakfast before swimming or cycling before work.

  2. The outdoor bar looks lovely lit up! Bless you, I am struggling with the early starts too. I don’t think the colder weather helps either as I don’t want to leave my cosy double duvet! I haven’t noticed fuel going down, but I have only just got my car so it seems sooo expensive filling up! I might have to go back to the train more!

  3. The Queen’s funeral was really quite something, wasn’t it? I didn’t watch all of it but saw bits now and then throughout the day. Sorry to hear that tennis is still frustrating for N although sounds like you’re enjoying Rusty Rackets. It has been good to see fuel prices coming down. Love the photo of the outdoor bar – glad you had a nice day on Saturday. #project365

  4. I had noticed the fuel prices have gone down slightly…thats good but wish they would go down a bit more!

    The funeral was impressive and she got a good send off!

  5. Eek at the early mornings. I am sure you will get used to them soon. The bar looks fantastic. It’s sounds nice to have a catch up and chat with people that you know. x

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