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Project 52 2024 week 10

We’ve actually seen some spring weather this week. Saturday was up to 17C in the car, although it didn’t feel like it was warmer in the house! But it’s been drier, and those evenings are much lighter which is nice. It’s been a tiring week though – earlier alarm clock thanks to road closures meaning earlier bus stop drop further away into town. Although it seems just outside the village might now be a possibility which is better. Here’s our week 10 of Project 52.

Sunday – farm shop and cheeky Costa visit because N deigned to come with me…any excuse to hold off homework.  Otherwise, I vacuumed, de-cobwebbed in vain, cooked, read and did some of a new Wasgij, plus a bit of blogging.

Monday – nice bit of reminiscing. My brother came over looking for a replacement button for his trousers. I dug out our mum’s old button jar which I’d luckily organised into colour themed bags. 

Tuesday – the OH took N out of school so they could get ready for go and go and pick up his new simmental calves. I refused to have anything to do with it because I think if they’re meant to be in school, that’s where they should be. He actually rang the school absence line then got a call back, so I didn’t get any calls asking where he was, which was good. Frustratingly the partial road closures in the village have ended up being a full road closure just along from us along the school bus route. So that means we’ll have to do drop off at the bus stop about 4 miles away (of which the main route out to that is currently closed too). 

Wednesday – it felt like a long day today. It was nice to have a sunny day with no rain. The earlier start to get to the other bus stop for drop off wasn’t actually needed as the bus told the road closure people to let him through as they’d said to Stagecoach they wouldn’t start work til 8. I also woke up 40 minutes before my alarm, and did similar the last couple of days, so I was really tired all day. 

Thursday – weird not having football training during the week. I ended up picking up another child from the bus stop as on the way home they’re being dropped off in the afternoon at the crossroads just outside the village. Evidently they’re using that as the bus stop in the morning too, but we’re still going to the normal stop in a different village just in case different drivers don’t stop there.  Had managed to get N another orthodontist appointment as he’d had another bracket come loose that a friend had noticed. It turned out there were actually 2 loose. Thankfully it was near the end of the working day so could take it as flexi, then make up the hours later.

Friday – school’s World Book Day but just non uniform day for charity. N went in shorts, although it’s not really shorts weather.  I had a day off as flexi leave.  I didn’t have anything specific planned so once the Tesco shop arrived, I decided to head to a coffee shop to do some blogging, then spend the afternoon reading, and maybe catching up with some tv.  N didn’t go to tennis as he got a foot injury.

Saturday – early hair appointment for N. Now he’s more confident, he’ll actually say what he wants, rather than me having to. His foot is bruised so he couldn’t get his football boots on. So no football training for him. Hopefully the bruising will ease quickly. No football meant I had time to go to the farm shop for meat today rather than tomorrow. Although nipping 4 minutes down the road to the village shop from home took about 3 times that thanks to the direct road being closed. Lots of cars were going through anyway, but there are 2 trenches either end that they’ve not covered with boards, so I didn’t fancy risking my tyres.

dentists posters

New posts this week:

Things I’m grateful for

  • A flexi day
  • The bus dropping off in the afternoons nearer the village meaning we don’t need to trek so far elsewhere
  • Free hot chocolate from my Starbucks app (and a lovely mum of a toddler and baby who told her toddler to find a seat further away from me as I was working. The toddler was very quiet and well behaved anyway).

Things I’ve enjoyed

  • Spending time for myself
  • Trying new recipes
  • Lighter evenings

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  1. I miss coffee shop visits on my own to read and blog, Peter always comes with me now after I finish work. The road closures and bus routes round your way sound a constant nightmare.

  2. Sounds like a busy week. I am so fed up with road closures here, we seem to have a neverending set of cycle lanes being put in which is causing chaos. Don’t think I have ever seen a cyclist using the ones that are finished either

    1. No cycle lanes here. Its mostly been fibre going in all over villages and the town with different suppliers. But then there’s been water issues, and now this is electricity cables. It’s been never-ending. Wonder if they’ll fill the potholes while redoing the road! Missed a trick given the road’s been closed, although it’s our road and the one the other way out that are really bad

  3. I enjoyed some of the weather last week but we had a lot of rain. Ugh.
    Eek! You do right having nothing to do with N staying off school. The road closures sound frustrating. x