Mine and My

N’s at the amusing stage where everything’s ‘mine’.

It’s always ‘MY this’, ‘My that’ or ‘MINE’ all said above normal volume.

It can be a bit annoying when items clearly aren’t his, or if he’s taking offence to other children playing with his toys, but otherwise it’s funny (and preferable to the ‘why’s’ which haven’t started yet).

The latest was at nursery when I went to pick him up the other day.

He must have seen me walking up to the door and came to the gate to be let through as I was let in the door.  One of the other boys who’s a month older was hovering at the gate as well and must have been saying something along the lines of ‘N’s mummy’.  Next thing, N’s almost shouting at the child saying ‘MY mummy’.

‘Ok sweetheart, we know I’m your mummy’.  He kept telling everyone within earshot this fact – other parents, children and the nursery staff.  Then he changed the record to ‘mummy’s black car’ as that seems to be the second most important thing to tell people on his way out of the nursery door.

Funny little man.  I always wonder what new phrase he’s going to get obsessed with, especially what he’ll come out with at nursery.

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