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Cheeky behaviour

I thought N was getting grown up as he’s no longer been taking his taggy blanket or Peter Rabbit toy to nursery.

Just before he was due to start nursery, I thought it might help to have something to help him get off to sleep in a different environment, largely because he had a tendency to moan himself to sleep and I didn’t want him disturbing the other children.  So he started having his blanket in bed, then he started wanting his Peter Rabbit too.  All a success, as he was quite happy from the start to go quietly to sleep at nursery with no problems.

soft toy selection
A selection of his soft toys

 Then he moved room and progressed to sleeping on his little mat rather than in a cot.  All good, and he’s still generally good about sleeping at nursery (or at his aunt’s where he goes on non-nursery days), although he is getting to the stage now where some days there’s obviously much too much going on and he doesn’t want a sleep.

Once he moved up to the Ducks room (age 2-3), we’ve stopped taking the blanket and Peter Rabbit to nursery.  He seemed quite happy going off without them to nursery and hasn’t had a problem sleeping without them either there or his aunt’s.  I’ve been really enthusiastic about him getting grown up and not needing them…

Only recently I’ve gone to pick him up to find that the nursery’s Peter Rabbit has been left in his drawer thinking it was his.  Nope, not ours I tell the nursery staff.  ‘Oh, he goes and finds it before going to sleep, so he can snuggle it so we assumed it was his’.  So there’s me thinking he’s been great going to sleep without it, and he’s found the perfect replacement!

Then another day I go to pick him up, open up his bag and find his taggy blanket inside.

Total confusion as I know I’d got him to leave it in his cot.  He’s obviously nipped upstairs while I was sorting out my lunchbox, grabbed the blanket, come back down, opened up his bag and put the blanket inside.  Cheeky monkey!

 He’s started running rings round me already at the age of two.  God knows what he’ll be like once he hits school age!

What cheeky things do your kids get up to?

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    1. He is definitely hitting cheeky phase. Shouting ‘no’ to everything (pretty much) and getting determined about everything. Definitely stubborn and cheeky

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