Say cheese – It’s school and nursery photo time

A couple of weeks ago N had his photo taken for the standard round of nursery photos.

I was pretty optimistic we’d get lots of choice and some pretty good photos out of them for various reasons:

  1. Obviously N is THE best looking child in the nursery and pretty photogenic…if I can usually snap some ok photos given if the light and situation is right (and I take enough photos), then surely a professional photographer will be able to.
  2. He’s been practicing his pose…looking good (not!)

    forked tongue
    Trying out his new camera face!
  3. Last year’s were really good photos, plus getting a cd and the rights to 15 images for a bargain £30 was definitely worth buying.

But Monday, I picked up the proofs.

In this day and age, I do wish more photo companies would do their images online so you can actually see the images properly.  A tiny shot with ‘proof’ written right over N’s face doesn’t really let me see the comparison and nuances between the photos.  They did provide a smaller black and white image, but generally I don’t want black and white photos to give to family, plus I wanted to be able to see the colour version.

Whichever company was used last year took much better and more numerous photos (with an online ordering service).  This time, the different company offered 5 photos, only one of which was a different pose, with the different one looking (I think) like it was the only one worth buying.

Of course there’s no pick and mix, it’s the usual school photo choice of one photo and different sizes.  The prices weren’t too drastic, but compared to the CD version last year, they’re not that great either.

Once I’d decided that yes, we would have one picture, it was then time to find my cheque book.  After scrabbling through every drawer I found one that hadn’t been used since 2011.  Here’s hoping it’s still ok to use.  We were also advised to include the cheque guarantee number?  Er, no idea what that is, especially as my debit card no longer guarantees cheques.

So in a few weeks we might have a delivery of a photo, or we might not.

What horrors have you had in school or nursery photos?

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  1. Oh, that does sound frustrating. I wonder why they switched companies? Hoping you’ll soon receive a gorgeous photo 🙂

    1. I have a feeling that this company were the original one. We must have just missed them last year (or they didn’t do them), and they tried a different company who had a different offer (from my understanding they were going to be additional to the standard one). They obviously decided the other company wasn’t worth having again, or the company didn’t find it worth their while? Oh well, we’ll see what this one turns out like

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