Toddler habits: staring and people watching

N is terrible at staring at other people.  He definitely takes after me in being interested in people watching (not in a stalkerish way, just in an interested in people way!).

There are two things in particular he’s awful at.

The first is at swimming.

At first he’ll take a quick look (in astonishment probably) at the other toddlers going in the shower (he hates them and avoids like the plague if possible!).  He’ll quite happily sit quietly in his hooded towel eating his snack.  Until the swimming teacher comes in, and goes for a shower and then he’ll poke his head round the lockers to have a look at what she’s doing.  He’s not fussed about the other mothers, but the teacher?!  No idea why, she’s still in her swim gear.  He’s just odd, but I’m sure it much be disconcerting for the person in the shower having a child staring at them.

Although, she usually notices and says something to him, she’s used to young children!

The second is when he sees other children.

I’m sure they all do it back to him as well, but he really seems intrigued by what they’re doing, wearing or eating.  It’s usually when they’re in a shopping trolley or in a pushchair alongside where he’s walking.  If he sees something of interest, his head whips round and he’ll just stare at them, to the extent that I can be calling his name and he’ll be so engrossed he’ll walk into a pillar or window if he’s not caught in time!

Some people are really interesting to look at, but he really needs to learn to be a bit more subtle about it.

What catches your children’s attention?  Are they serious people watchers?

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  2. My youngest is a people watcher!! She stares!! Sometimes too much….lol She’s recently started pointing too….Ohh the embarrassment! lol

    1. Oh no, very embarrassing. I’m not looking forward to the pointing and the comments and questions. He loves watching mobility scooters – I think he just wonders why the people riding them aren’t walking, but I worry that he might one day try and step on one for a ride!

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