Toddler excuses for everything

N is building up his bank of toddler excuses.

He’s moved on from just saying no.  In fact I don’t think I’ve heard him just say no for ages.

Now we get ‘too dark for me mummy, turn the light on’.  When he wants to go into a different room and it’s slightly dark.  Amuses me, as at post 5.30 in the morning after his dad’s gone out for work, N manages to walk across his bedroom, open the door, shut it behind him, walk along the landing, open my bedroom door, walk in, close the door, find the bed, get in…all in virtually pitch black.

His other great excuse at the moment when something is suggested that he doesn’t want to do is ‘I’m too little’.

The main reason he uses this is for toilet training.  He’s perfectly capable of peeing on the toilet if he sits on it (at the right time) and relaxes, but whenever it’s suggested that we give up the pull ups and change to pants and toilet all the time, it’s ‘I too little mummy’.  Cheeky boy.

He’s used the ‘little’ excuse for several other things as well…getting dressed himself, tidying up, having to keep using the buggy.  In fact, it’s used quite frequently.  Cute, but annoying when he could do many of these things himself (and often does with some of them!).

I’m just wondering what the next excuse is going to entail?

What excuses do your children use?

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