The midlife crisis ladybird book

Project 366 2016 week 40

Week 40 of Project 366 coincides with my 40th birthday. Whoop.  Exciting times (or not if you’re one of those people who are worried about their age). I can’t say my photos this week have been great. I’ve struggled to remember to take any so it’s been a scramble this week.

Autumn means lots of cooking apples and every weekend making apple based puddings.  On Sunday it was a rustic apple ‘pie’.

cooking apples

On Monday I took one group of photos only, and this was at bedtime. ¬†I can’t even remember what N was doing, but he had a couple of days when he wanted to use his sleeping bag instead of a duvet. ¬†Sometimes he sleeps better in a sleeping bag, but this time the duvet was better.

sleeping bag ready

This week we’ve been having proper autumn mornings, all misty and pastel sunrise.  Tuesday’s was beautiful with the view out of the window.

misty autumn sunrise

On Wednesday, again my photo was a quick snap at the end of the day.  N loves taking photos, and he’d grabbed his dad’ phone and managed to get in and take photos of random carpet, toys and fireplace.

playing on dad's phone

On Thursday it was a striking sunset. No amazing coloured skies, but the sun’s rays were pretty spectacular.

sunset over the farm

On Friday N managed to fill his reward chart with stickers.  He gets stickers everything time he does reading, does writing, achieves a reward at school or tennis, does tidying or helps out.  But he also gets it for completing the morning routine….teeth brushing, putting his pyjamas under his pillow and making his bed.  He’s so keen at the moment that he’s even been putting all his teddies in order, setting them straight.  Everytime he gets the routine or task down perfectly, I’ll be adding to it or changing what the stickers get given for. So far it seems to be going well, and he’s not moaned about the changing goal posts.  I’m not sure what he was doing with my tablet in the bathroom!

morning cleaning teeth routine

On Saturday I opened my birthday presents.  This was one of the gifts from my best friend.  I’ve seen the books in stores, and had some earmarked for gifts for others.  We obviously think in the same way.

The midlife crisis ladybird book
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  1. It was lovely to see you on Saturday night surrounded by friends who clearly think the world of you. I bought Monkey a battery powered toothbrush recently and its transformed the morning rush. Eager beaver now. Love the misty morn and sunset shots, just beautiful #366

  2. Happy Birthday to you , hope you had a good day. Love the book, not seen that one before.
    Random pictures taken my children can be quite good at times. Bob use to take hundreds in a week, 99.9% looked like rubbish to my eye but he delighted in doing it.
    Love your morning picture, and agree this time of year does lend itself to nice opportunities for a photo.

    1. Thanks Elaine. They are funny with cameras. N was using my big one yesterday – a lot were wonky, but one was really good, and he looked like a little pro doing it. I must find my compact, then I can give him that one

  3. Happy birthday to you! I’ve seen those books in bookshops and always enjoyed a quick read of them! I haven’t been tempted to buy them as they seem a bit expensive for something which will take five minutes to read, however funny.
    Love your sky pictures this week and lovely to read how well N is doing with his rewards. I wish I had kids who would make their beds – or clean their teeth without being nagged!

    1. I’m not sure how long the routine will work, but hopefully it’ll get him into the habit then I can just remind him on the odd occasion he forgets.

  4. i really miss seasons, think i shall try and force them and recreate them indoors, starting with making an apple crumble. love the misty sunset, it looks magical

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