sleeping toddler

First sleepover

Living within 2 miles of pretty much all of your close family means there’s never really a need to go for sleepovers.  Usually if we’re going out in an evening, N’s Gran pops over to our house to babysit.

sleeping toddler

But it can be quite a late night, so when we went to a party the other week, N went over for his first sleepover at the farm.  Well, I say first, but he did sleep over there one night as a baby, but wouldn’t have known anything different.  So this time I was a little anxious wondering how he’d get on.

N does love his sleep, but he’s also recently been a bit of a wanderer.  We had a few days where he didn’t want to go up to bed, but other than that he’s usually fine at going up as long as he gets the stories of his choice.

But he does tend to wander into bed with me after his dad’s gone out to work early.  Sometimes he’s so quiet I don’t even notice until my alarm goes off.  Although he does have a tendency to come in (at whatever time), shove his face in mine to say ‘Mummy, I need a wee’.  Joy!  This has been happening at midnight and this morning at 4.40 so it can be at any time.  So I was a tad concerned about whether Granny and Gramps would find a little person wondering around the house or climbing into bed with them.

N was really good about going over there.  He didn’t seem concerned that he’d be sleeping over there, just went quite happily with all his soft toys and stories he needed in readiness.

I have to say it was very strange coming home after the party and going to bed knowing that N was sleeping across the drive rather than in his own bed.

The next morning he refused a bacon sandwich for breakfast, asking for jam (he doesn’t really eat jam sandwiches) which he brought home with him (and didn’t eat).  He had been really good at going to bed, although had turned up beside his Gran’s bed in the middle of the night wanting to get in with her.  I’d have sent him back to bed at that time, but she thought it’d be less hassle moving him again…she won’t say that again after he snored in her ear all night!

So, a successful first night sleepover.  I imagine the next ones would be with his cousin.  I can see him asking to sleep over there before long.

How old was your child when they first slept over elsewhere?  Were there any amusing escapades?

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    1. Thanks. Was a relief. I know one of his cousins used to want to go home straight after he’d had tea, so took until he was about 8 before he’d sleep over.

  1. Aww bless him! Sounds like a very successful sleepover!!
    The first time my eldest had a sleepover (with her uncle and his wife) was when I went into hospital to have my youngest…..She slept fine but on the morning she had my fellas brother cooking her about 15 different things to find out what she wanted for breakfast….hehehe The little monkey x

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