300pbs picture books week 7

300 picture book challenge – week 7

I thought we’d not done very well this week with our picture book challenge, but totting up the numbers, we’ve notched up quite a few extra books.  N wasn’t keen on his library books this week, so hopefully next week we’ll make some better choices.

It’s been a big book reading week though.  Just tonight N’s had 7 books read…none of them new.  He definitely has his favourites, and those get brought out time and time again.  Maisy’s been a topic of asking this week.

We’ve passed 100, so only 200 to go!

300pbs picture books week 7

  • Books this week: 20 (!)
  • Total books to date: 108 (36%)

300 picture books

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  1. I barter on the books too – you can choose one and I’ll choose one? (Or two…) We used to read loads more when they weren’t at school, but some days it was the same book nine times in a row. Now mine are older it’s easier to get variety, but reading is only at bedtimes really plus the occasional extra if the four year old hints enough 😉 Thank-you for linking up to #300PBs.

    1. Bartering is definitely the way to go. Plus I tell myself it’ll help with them learning negotiation skills for later in life (although maybe not good for them to practise before teenage years!).

      I’m surprised at how much we’re able to fit in given N’s at nursery 5 days a week, although he doesn’t have homework so that helps.

  2. You are much further on than us! We are probably going to make 300 by the end of the year, like you we have so many repeats in a week that it is only a few new books each week.

    1. I think we’re only getting so far because I’m stipulating and trying to bargain – one new book for every couple of old ones. Yesterday I bought some more and had library books, so he went straight for the huge pile. When we’re running out of new ones, that’s when he gets bored. Good luck with it

    1. Ooops.

      I find taking a photo the easiest way, although I do need to write a list so we’re not duplicating. I wish I’d collated all books so I could see how many we actually read over the year as we read about 6 a day, just very few new ones in comparison.

      I think it’s interesting to see how tastes change over that time

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