Homemade Christmas wreath

Project 52 2019 week 50 – Christmas wreath

It’s been the start of a busy week in the run up to Christmas. Week 50 is done and dusted. Here’s our Project 52 for this week.

Monday I spent a lot of time trying to work out what the issue was with the Xbox controller. We’ve troubleshooted, but it won’t stay connected without a cable. It seems I’ll have to take it back to Argos, although they’re going to have to track down the purchase through their reservations service as we can’t find the receipt and N paid cash. I knew getting the console would be a pain in he backside. Hopefully they’ll just replace the controller because the console is digital only and don’t want to end up having to re-download games and mods etc he’s been using. I’m just glad he has older cousins who can do stuff with xboxes!

On Tuesday we didn’t do much. I took in 3 bags for bags2schools collection. It didn’t really make a dent in what I need to clear out, but there’s another collection in a few months so I can be more organised about it next time. At least the school make some money from it.

Wednesday I went out with some people from work. One of my colleagues had offered to do a wreath making evening at her house, so had invited a few of the girls round for dinner and then wreaths after. She put so much effort in – really nice food, and provided lots of the greenery and decorations, as well as prepping the moss and wire base. I very rarely go out with work people and it was really lovely to do so.

Thursday was just a normal work and school day.

Friday it was Christmas jumper day at school. I managed to make it to target assembly – N was getting his bronze target certificate. He finished the day at tennis. It was the last session of the year, and there were only 2 from his orange group and 2 mini red players. So they did some separate hitting with the 2 assistant coaches – fun target practice – and then some doubles mixing up with the 2 red players. He had a great time and was still playing when all the other children had drifted off. It’s going to be a long gap til next term.

On Saturday it was a busy day. N went beating on the shoot with his dad and was late back. I caught up on all the Christmas prep I needed to do. Shopping for the final gifts, christmas wrapping, and vacuuming ready to put he tree up. I decided I’d wait until N was back to put it up. But I’m now feeling more Christmassy. I also finally put the wreath up. I’d lost my door hanger, so by the time I’d bought a new one, the birds had attacked all the oranges and the plastic apples. So it still looks good, but not like it does in this week’s photo!

Homemade Christmas wreath
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  1. The wreath looks fab, shame about the birds attacking it. Glad you’re feeling more christmassy now, I thought I was only one, hope you get the x box controller sorted

  2. yes we have a son and a SIL that help with computer issues, things that are beyond us.
    Glad you enjoyed the evening with friends, how lovely of her to do that for you all.
    Handy to have M at the shoot to get things done in peace

  3. The xbox issues sound frustrating. I’d be totally lost if we had a fan of them here. Love the wreath, they did a session at school making them but I’d have had to take my son with me so didn’t think that would have worked! #365

  4. The wreath is lovely. I would love to have a go at making one. My boys and hubby have an xbox, they are a lot of fun. x

  5. I am expecting xbox trouble on Christmas day. We’ve got my teen one. I have no idea how the digital only one’s work but I’m sure we’ll learn.
    It sounds like you had a great evening wreath making. It looks very pretty. We have a wreath on our front door but just a fake one. x

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