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School days – cross country and VIP

This week was back to school after half term. And we’re on the countdown to Christmas unbelievably.  This week’s school days had a lot going on as usual.

School Photos

N had to go in with his lopsided haircut. I did cut off the longer straggly bits, but I didn’t want to chop it all short the way he’d started it. So we’ll see what the photo turns out like.

Cross country

The secondary school for our catchment does a lot with its feeder schools. There’s 3 events this autumn just for N’s year group, and they continue for different years through the school.  I think N’s school is at an advantage. Where bigger schools can only take so many children, N’s can send everyone for most events.

This week was the cross country race for year 1s and 2s.  N remembered last year how the year 2 boys from another school were pushing other boys over, but he didn’t report back any dodginess this time. It was all about the positions.  Although he knows a few children from other schools who I’m sure would be there, he’s oblivious to anyone outside his school.

He was quite pleased he’d come 36th (although was put out a fellow classmate overtook him at the end, because ‘I’d have come 36th’). I don’t know how many ran, but he told me later in the week that his school won the boys race, with one of the boys going through to the next stage of the schools cross country race.  They do have quite a few strong runners in their year, especially for a small school.

VIP and spellings

N got VIP on the first day back after half term.  And it was another VIP for english, which was topped off by another 10/10 on spellings. Another jammy result given over the 2 weeks he’d had them to learn, he’d only practised them that morning and the day before.

reading practice

Forest school

This week’s forest school they were finishing off the ‘cupcakes’ they’d made/ sawn last week. They coloured them in and got to use a drill on them. N does love doing things that are practical and outdoors.  So forest school is a highlight of the week for him.

Nativity Play

This year is the last nativity play N will do. Once they’re in KS2 they do a Christmas play, but without the nativity theme.  They always do an alternative version as well.  Last year was a Strictly Come Dancing version which was very funny.  And they’re always pretty professional for such young children.

This year it’s about a family on Christmas eve reading the story of the nativity. N is Child 2 – I’m presuming it’s normal clothes rather than a nativity costume. Whoop.  (If you need one, check out my easy no sew nativity costume post). He already knows his lines, but they’ve got about 6-7 songs to learn.  They’ve started rehearsing though, so by December it will be really good.

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