black labrador on the door step

Project 365 2017 week 44

It’s week 44 of Project 365, and the clocks went back meaning it’s even harder to get photos each day. Unless of couse, I go out for a walk at lunchtimes.  I have just started a fine art flower photography course as a beta tester, so over the next few months, more flowers will be popping up on here.

On Sunday, the weather was lovely. We pottered around at home with N out on the farm most of the day. He took the dogs out in the field to do their business and fun around.  The pup is getting on great and seems to be leaving the labrador alone a bit more. It helps that the pup’s sister is also in the family so they do get the chance to play fight each other a lot. (the pup was running ahead in this photo).

boy and dog walking on the farm

On Monday it was noticable that winter is on its way, getting dark from around 4.30. This was on the way home, lit up straks around Banbury Cross.

Banbury cross at sunset

On Tuesday I nipped into Tesco after my dancing.  I love going shopping late at night. Ok it’s an obstacle course, but you get music, it’s empty, and you whizz through the check outs.  I spotted that they had Downfall in.  I wanted to buy this for N 6 months ago but couldn’t find it anywhere apart from for about £60 on ebay. So I’m pleased to see it’s returned.

Downfall game

On Wednesday I thought I’d grab a morning photo just in case I didn’t get one later.  That meant through the murky bedroom window and a photo of the sheep waiting for their feed.

sheep in a field

On Thursday, we finished N’s maths homework. This week they were doing multiplication through arrays. To me it’s just complicating things, and obviously for N as well. Instead of writing 2+2+2+2+2+2=12, he just went straight to 6×2=12. I don’t understand why they changed the way they teach multiplication. We just went straight to times tables, and it didn’t mean we didn’t understand what it meant.  So why now?  At least now they’re in year 2 they are calling it ‘times’ rather than ‘lots of’.

Anyone else read this homework and want to write ‘2’. I’m assuming it should read that they ate 2 each. Or maybe not.

homework questions

On Friday it was tennis again.  The dog was waiting for a photo (and stroke) before we left. For tennis now, parents aren’t allowed to sit inside and watch now they’re in the sports hall. Some go off for a quick coffee somewhere, but there’s not really enough time to do anything. But now it’s dark at tennis time, so it’s not the nicest to be sitting readin in.

black labrador on the door step

On Satuday I walked in the living room to see this set up.  It’s like they’re lined up for a battle.

farm toys lined up
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  1. Have to agree the sum can be read more than one way.
    we have downfall in the loft, belonged to my kids and the twins will grow into it now Fifi has outgrown it.
    Glad the pup is settling down

  2. I know they try to teach maths lots of different ways so every child can find a way that works, but it does seem an over the top solution and you’d think they could just target those struggling differently. Number lines really used to annoy H. He’d spend forever drawing lines to do sums he could have done in a few minutes. A complete waste of his time and mine and probably most of the class.

    1. I can see that, number lines were weird to me at first too. Sometimes it feels like it’d be best if they just taught the ones who they reckoned could get it the straightforward way, then do alternative versions for the visual kids etc.With maths it’s right or wrong, just teach how to get the answer.

  3. if 6 gorillas ate 2 bananas then there were 2 bananas, i agree it should say each. the photo of Banbury Cross looks lovely, I like the way you’ve caught the sun

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