Castle Howard dome

Project 52 2019 week 16 – Castle Howard dome

Week 16 has been a lovely week – what with it being the second week of Easter holidays, my week off, a holiday and gorgeous weather.

Sunday, N and I went to friends’ wedding vow renewal. There were a few other people there from school we knew, and they’d decorated the barn beautifully. Plus pizzas for food, what’s not to like?!

On Monday, N’s tennis camp was cancelled due to lack of numbers. We pottered and bit and got packed for going away.

On Tuesday we headed up to York. I’d hoped to stop off at a camping store on the way up to buy the tent I’d been after but we couldn’t find the store. The hotel was just on the outskirts so once we checked in we walked into York to find our way around and do an open top bus tour.

Over the next couple of days we crammed in lots while we were in York, as well as heading to the beach at Whitby. It was a lovely break, we had great weather, walking, historic buildings, chocolate, meals out and fun.

Friday we drove home via the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, at N’s request. It was a good choice. I got very excited at seeing British strawberries back in the shops when we stopped off to get food on the way home. I had an early night as I was so tired after the days away.

Saturday was an early hair appointment for me. Last time my hairdresser botched my hair, leaving it all wonky, so I’ve changed to another hair salon. It’s a lot more expensive, but I’m pleased with my hair. N says it doesn’t look any different to normal after going to the hairdressers, but we’ll see what it’s like tomorrow when I wash it.

This week’s Project 52 photo was taken at Castle Howard, in the dome.

Castle Howard dome
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  1. I have never explored York but it sounded like a great break and those beach huts at Whitney looked beautiful. I hope your hair is still good? I have been with my hairdresser for 10 years after a very bad experience I wouldn’t go anywhere else now. Good choice in museum. Hope the week back to work and school wasn’t too painful x

  2. That does look like an interesting trip. I keep meaning to take H to both York and Whitby. York because I haven’t really done the sights myself and Whitby because I like it and I think he would.

    1. I went with the OH to York on our first break away together. Apart from 2 restaurant i remembered,, one which isn’t there anymore, I can’t think what we actually saw

  3. The wedding vow renewal sounds fantastic!
    It sounds like you had a lovely time in York and Whitby!
    What a fab photo! That building is beautiful! xx

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