red lego mini

Project 52 2018 week 48 – Lego Mini

Week 48 and it’s now December. Winter is here and the weather has certainly turned wintry with wind an miserable rain.  Here’s this week’s Project 52.

On Sunday we popped down the road to the British Motor Museum.  We’d not been for about 3 years so a lot has changed since then.  N loved the Lego Mini.

The working week was full of lots of little jobs, chasing, trying to organise things, and trying to get people to do the jobs we thought they were doing. It seems that they didn’t think the same, so it looks like it’s all back on me again.

N had a good week at school. He’s loving choir, and they’ve been practising their key stage 2 christmas performance. He’s been singing his french songs, and even went to the school book club one lunchtime. I couldn’t believe that – and then he came home with a huge Tom Gates book from the library. On Friday he was really pleased to win player of the week at tennis. He was over the moon because the last time he was awarded it, he didn’t get to take the trophy home because the person the week before had forgotten to bring it.

The week ended with more swimming frustrations. The teacher won’t move N up next term so he’s stuck in this group. It seems breast stroke kick is the big thing they expect them to master to move up and she doesn’t think he’ll keep up with the next group in that stroke, so until she’s happy with his feet, she won’t move him.  Supposedly she’s given him homework to practice but he says he can’t remember it. Whenever I’ve got him to show me the action, out of the pool his feet have been flexed fine. He just doesn’t translate that to swimming.  I’m debating trying to get him a couple of private lessons specifically focused on breaststroke to see if that helps.

Christmas run up starts tomorrow with Blenheim Palace lights and then N’s carol concert at school next week. Along with the school choir singing for the old people in the village at their Christmas dinner.

red lego mini
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  1. What a cool Lego Mini, my Eddie would love that! Well done to N for being the player of the week! Glad to hear he joined the Book Club, even if it was one session so far. Hope the rehearsals for the Christmas performance are not too taxing.

  2. My boys would go crazy for the Lego mini; it’s great! Sounds like another busy week. It’s hectic trying to keep up with the kids isn’t it.! #mysundayphoto

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