I can’t believe we’re at Easter already. I feel like we’ve not done much since January. We’ve certainly not been out and about so much. With the weather this week being up and down, and then what it’s looking like over Easter, I’m not sure we’ll be heading out much.

As well as work and school, I’ve been out dancing (Wednesday monthly evening in Oxford is always a good one), we went to the cinema to see Peter Rabbit (proclaimed very good, with some sad places in it ‘I had wet eyes’ by N).  And then managed to dodge the rain showers to do an egg hunt at Upton House.

On the way home we nipped into a local shop, and spotted this yarn bombing by the WI. A fairy village with some quite clever names for each of the homes.  They do yarn bomb well in that village – well ahead of all the big campaigns that seemed to kick off last year with WI groups.

yarn bombed fairy garden
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  1. Most beautiful colourful inspired yarn composition. Looks so cheerful and jolly.
    Eddie begged me to take him to see Peter Rabbit, but after seeing the trailer I was dreading it.

  2. Thanks. They’re a pretty creative group, it’s always nice to see what they’ll do next. Happy Easter to you too

  3. I love yarn bombing, what a happy thing to do. I feel the same as you, I don’t know where the months are going. Glad you managed to get to an egg hunt. #MySundayPhoto

    • My brother lives overlooking this and he always despairs of his ‘strange’ village doing it. But I think it’s so cheery to see

    • Yes, they are particularly good. Last year’s was purple, green and white bicycle decoration

  4. Superb blog revamp! Looks great. Love the yarn bombing too. Had similar take place out this way. #mysundayphoto

    • Thanks John. It’s nice to see isn’t it. We drive through villages and spot yarn bombing all over the place

  5. Hi Emma, I do hope the weather over Easter is good enough for you to get out and enjoy yourselves. I’ve never heard of yarn bombing before, but love what the WI have created. Very clever.


    • Thanks Debbie, it’s been lovely today, although I’ve lost N out on the farm, so I’ve not done anything. Their yarn bombing is always really creative. Happy Easter

    • I think round here, they’re mostly older groups rather than younger trendy ones.

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