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Project 365 – week 25

So, we’re on week 25 and almost halfway through the year.  I’m finding it really hard to decide on photos for my weekly round ups for Project 365, because I want to write specific posts for the photos I have, and not just share them before the post is written.  Damn that backlog of post ideas!

Again this week’s involved lots of outdoor play and activities.  The weather’s great (although not sure that the OH wouldn’t like a little rain to help the crops), so N’s been out most mornings and evenings before and after nursery.  Any excuse to get outside.

Sunday: we visited Oxford with friends to go to a cushion concert family prom.  The children (and us) had a great time.  Music plus a picnic, and a bit of a walk up into Oxford.  Perfect in my eyes.  This photo was after leaving Christ Church Meadows where we’d picnicked, after using the loos in a cafe. He was waiting for his friend L to come along with us.  I don’t know why, but all of a sudden (he’s always been fine before), N just won’t pee when we’re out.  He’ll sit on toilets anywhere, but always says he doesn’t need to go. I then spend the rest of the time out worried that he’ll have any accident.  He hasn’t yet, but seriously, this child can go for 5-6 hours without peeing!

toddler in stripy hoody

Monday saw playtime outside after nursery.  I’m loving N in jersey shorts at the moment.  Shorts this year, seem to fit him better, and not look like he’s drowning in fabric. These were from Nutmeg at Morrisons, a bargain and really good quality.  He was spending some time combining the grass, pushing his toy around the garden and bossing me around, telling me to ‘get off the grass mummy’.  Wonder who he gets his bossiness off (cough)?

toddler in acdc t shirt

This week, N was given his cousin’s old Gator now he’s grown out of it, so every day the battery has to be charged so he can go on it.  There’s been a whole myriad of items being transported around in the back, including food.  Of course, he doesn’t use his plastic bowls.  No, our denby set! Great start to his foodie week on Tuesday…this week, N has done nothing but eat.

john deere gator
tree swing

Wednesday had more play time after nursery.  Over by the farm, there is a swing on the tree – it’s a bit lopsided, but N loves to go on it.  The light wasn’t great so in all the photos I took, he’s almost a shadow. But I quite like that against the sunny background.

I’m not sure what N was up to on Thursday.  He was a bit tired that day as he’d had lots of outdoor play at nursery.  Rather than playing outside he  was being creative with ‘tractor’ and ‘trailer’ driving, using his grown out of ride on truck and my old retro pushchair.

toddler sitting on toy pushchair

N always comes into bed with me in the mornings; thankfully he’s got over his night wandering (touch wood), and seems to be sleeping later until around 6.30.  He does love a bit of a ‘chill out’ and Peter Rabbit and his taggy blanket are never far.  He’s now stopped taking them to nursery which I’m hoping means he doesn’t suck his thumb there.  It always seems to be when he’s tired or chilling out, he wants to fiddle with the label and ribbons while sucking his thumb.  But we need to wean him off thumb sucking in the next year, otherwise the dentist says she’ll get hard core with telling him off about it.  He does look cute though!

toddler in sleepsuit sucking his thumb
turkey vs child stand off

While I was at Britmums, N spent the day working with his dad (yep, the OH didn’t take the day off work, just took N with him).  When I got home, they were just heading up for bathtime, but afterwards N decided he needed to go and get his gator from over at the other lawn, hence the pjs and wellies.  Then, like you do, he met the turkeys out early, so there was a bit of a stand off.  I wasn’t sure why as they weren’t blocking his way, but I could hear him telling off the birds, while they were gobbling away at him.  Very amusing but totally unnecessary.

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  1. I’ve a friend who had the same with her son and a comforter/sucking. At the age of 4 in readiness for school, the dentist basically told him, his teeth would be pushed out, told them to get rid of the blanket and that was that. N’s blanket is a bit ropey and falling to pieces now, so I could just chuck it (“lose it”) and it would probably be fine, I’d hope.

    Bottle – I’d just go cold turkey and get rid personally. Hard for a bit but they get over it soon. N keeps asking for squash in a sippy cup because he wants to drink it in the living room, and it is easier giving in, but so hard to stick by your guns.

    Missed seeing you this weekend at BML.

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