2 toddlers trying-to-climb-a-huge-tree

Running wild in Christ Church Meadows

Last weekend we went to the Cushion Concert in Oxford which was great fun, and went down brilliantly with N and his friend L.

We decided that afterwards we’d head to the river and have a picnic for lunch.  Of course I’d not taken into account that it’s quite a walk for 3 year old legs, so luckily we found a slightly shorted route to Christ Church meadows.  We spotted a bit of the river…complete with lots of punters which the children were very interested in.

friends sitting outside the Botanic Gardens Oxford

It was already some time past ‘lunchtime’ and the children didn’t want to walk further to the main part of the river that we would usually sit near.  This might have had something to do with the attempts to climb every tree they came too.

2 toddlers trying-to-climb-a-huge-tree

After a lovely picnic, it was time for a bit of a run around.  When there were trees to investigate and a large green space, even food was a distraction for the two of them getting the chance to race around.

running wild in christ church meadows

It was lovely to watch them.  L would run off, then N would run and usher her back.  Then they’d try and climb every tree in sight.  It took  a long time to leave and head back to the bus stop, thanks to the trees.

running around in Christchurch meadows

They definitely had a long day and walk.  Not too much moaning from them – it’s always helpful to have a friend with them, then there’s definitely less moaning from N compared to when he’s on his own.

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  1. Oh fun. My children seem to zoom in on every climbable tree too. They really can’t help themselves. Love the photos of them running. #CountryKids

    1. Made me laugh about the trees.These weren’t even climbable – we couldn’t even lift them high enough to sit anywhere on them, but they tried anyway. Thanks for stopping by

  2. A lovely day out with friends for both of you visiting a very picturesque plan with plenty of space for N and L to have fun in. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. They just love being outdoors, and the space means we can relax about letting them run a little wild without interrupting other people’s picnics. Not as possible once the foreign students arrive when it gets packed out!

    1. Thank you. I didn’t take many of them, but those that I did, I was really pleased with them. It helps that children are so nice to photograph (if you can catch them!)

      Thanks for popping by

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