bonfire night

Bonfire Night and fireworks

I’ve not been to a firework display for years, and decided that this year N would probably enjoy it.

Given he’s a bit funny with some noises (chain saws and hand dryers) I decided that ear defenders might be a good idea.  A few notes later and some lime green ear defenders arrived in the post.

Luckily the rain had finished by the time the evening came round.  Wrapping up warm (oversized winter coat included), we headed down to the gliding club which was holding the fireworks.

I think N was quite excited about going out in the dark, although we could have done with a torch.  A glowstick did the job though, and we found our relations and friends.  N wanted to hang out with his cousin, but was a bit torn as his school friends were there, and N was a bit small to be wandering round with them.

bonfire night
Eating his hotdog

N loved the bonfire.  He’s obviously taken after his Gramps in loving fires!  He wanted to know what the men were doing, what they were putting on it, and where the guy was…there wasn’t one.

The fireworks were lovely.  Fairly limited, but you could hear the music from the clubhouse as they were let off.

N wasn’t keen at first and kept saying ‘want to go home’.  Then I remembered that I’d not put on the defenders because I’d not thought the fireworks were very loud.  We popped them on, and he was happy again.

His favourites were the rockets.  2 sets of fireworks and it was time to go home.  The display was perfect for toddlers, we were back an hour after leaving the house.

In a couple of years, hopefully we’ll get to the big town firework display which has been running for years.  I’ve never been but I’m sure it’s huge in comparison, so it’ll be great to get to an event with more than a couple of different types of fireworks.

Still, it was a great introduction for N, and he loved it in the end.

What displays did you go to?

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  1. It’s so hard to find the right balance on bonfire night. We have, until last year, only had a small selection of fireworks at home since my middle one was born and my little man is a bit sensitive to loud sounds but they all really enjoyed the one we attended, even the big one who’s very nearly a teen!

    1. Next time, your eldest will be all cool and want to go with friends!

      I’d only go to other displays – but being on a farm the animals wouldn’t be happy, even if we did want one at home!

      Thanks for commenting

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