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Toddlerism 12: Carrots in the sky

I think I’ve mentioned before on numerous occasions how obsessed N is with food.  He’d eat from the time he gets up until bedtime if he had the chance.

But never before has he pointed out food from the car.  Today was a classic toddlerism and definitely not something I ever thought I’d hear.

N does tend to notice quite a lot when we’re driving, but generally it’s motorbikes or farm vehicles he picks up on.

‘Carrot in the sky mummy’ I heard from the back of the car.

‘Er, there aren’t carrots in the sky sweetheart’ I reply wondering what on earth he’s talking about.

Then I remember that by some nearby racehorse stables, there’s a wind sock.  So there was indeed something vaguely shaped like a giant carrot in the sky.

Have your children spotted any veg where they shouldn’t?

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