Television Thomas

Oh dear, it seems to have started.

N doesn’t tend to watch kids tv that much.  Generally he’ll ask for Tractor Ted (think we need more versions as he’ll know everything about milking and pea harvesters, but that’s about it) or ‘rock’ which is a recorded AC/DC Live at The Plate concert.  Sometimes he gets up and plays while he’s watching, but he will sit quietly and watch (with an occasional headbang during the latter).

But this morning he was asking for ‘Thomas’.

Err what?  I think he’s possibly had Thomas the Tank Engine flicked on once with me so not quite sure where the enthusiasm for that has come from.  He has got one Thomas toy, and the other day in WHSmiths when we were doing book shopping for his cousin, he discovered the Thomas sticker books, but as for liking Thomas I have no idea.

On his non-nursery childcare days, he does spend days with his four year old cousin who used to be a major Thomas fan so maybe that’s rubbed off.

At least we generally flick when the tv is on, so he doesn’t get to see adverts yet.  I’m not looking forward to him discovering lots of different toys that he doesn’t know about.

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