Meal Planning Monday: 8th April 2013

I’m happy as I’ve managed to catch up with leftovers now, after the NCT crowd came over yesterday and we had some of the chilli leftover.  So that’s one lunch for work, and then leftover chicken & ham pie for another.  Perfect.

This week’s meals are:

  • Monday: Leftover roast beef, jackets (OH, I had leftover pie)
  • Tues (me): sea bass (maybe)
  • Wed: Chicken in juice with mash, veg
  • Thurs (me): leftovers (see above)
  • Fri: sausage & bean casserole (if I can get it by OH) otherwise maybe bacon & tomato spaghetti
  • Sat: cottage pie with normal and sweet potato topping
  • Sun: roast of some sort or steak (both out the freezer)

Because I don’t have time in the evenings to make puddings, we’ve not been having them, so it’ll have to be fruit with yoghurt or ice creams.  

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    1. It is yummy. We have chicken breasts, put in a shallow dish, crush some garlic over, maybe chop up some onion in there, drizzle a bit of oil over (we use olive oil), pour over some orange juice (although last time OH used orange with lime), then bake. He likes sauce with his meat, so this gives him plenty of that to have with his mash. It’s a bit of a chuck it all in dish to be honest.

    1. Probably just in some butter/bit of oil, pan fried. Maybe a bit of lemon squeezed over. Would do it asian style with noodles, but OH’s not keen on those flavours.

  1. Sounds like a delicious week! I always have a week where I try and use up left overs too!

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