black and colourful doors of beach huts on the sea front at lowestoft

Project 52 2022 week 32

The summer holidays are whizzing by so fast. That’s another week of leave done when we went away for a few days. Being on the coast was meant to be much cooler, but it didn’t feel it, so getting back to over 30C going through the week was awful. Fingers crossed we do get some rain next week because we need it in the fields. We’re waiting to hear when Thames Water will be bringing in a hosepipe ban.

Here’s our week 32 for project 52.

On Sunday we mooched around at my friend’s parent’s house we’d stayed at. The boys rode bikes around, we wandered round the farm, then said our goodbyes. We managed to meet up with my cousin as she only lives round the corner from my friend’s parents. A cafe at a garden centre did the job. We’ve not caught up face to face for 10 years, since N was 18 months old and her youngest was 10. It was so lovely to chat – but N now knows which side of the family my talkative nature comes from because my cousin’s just the same! Hopefully it won’t be as long to wait til next time I see her.

It was a long drive down to Suffolk thanks to very slow drivers rather than tractors! We did spot 11 combine harvesters working or in the fields on the journey.  We stayed in the Hatfield Hotel in Lowestoft. It’s a Best Western right on the beach front which was handy. N wasn’t impressed with his cremated burger they served him, but the room is very big (and very warm). We explored a bit after dinner, went to the arcade and walked along the esplanade. We’ve not got much time to pack everything in I want to do, but hopefully we’ll manage it and get in some relaxing on the beach too.

Monday we had a busy day. Slightly disappointing breakfast in the hotel. Then got stuck in traffic going to Leiston Abbey for some nice photography of abbey ruins. N took over my camera so I’m not sure what pictures will come out.

Afterwards we went to Framlingham Castle. The best bit was walking around the castle walls and watching them make medieval cement for wall building activities. We weren’t there for long then stopped off at a Costa for a quick lunch before going back to Lowestoft for a couple of hours on the beach. N was treated to an inflatable ring, so enjoyed some time paddling with that.

We ended up at Circus Cortex which was a great show. We’ve not realy done circuses before (apart from one at Odds Farm that N was a bit bored at), but he really enjoyed this one. 

On Tuesday we didn’t really have time to do what I’d planned so we didn’t see as much or get our full value. Damn booking in advance! I don’t think the heat helped. We went to Pleasurewood Hills theme park. Considering everyone raved about the lack of queues, they were longer than I expected. I wish places would open earlier than 10 as well, just 30 mins extra really helps. We only went on about 5 rides, and forgot to go back to the last one I wanted to try. We did have fun though – and got soaked on the log flume.

We then visited Africa Alive wildlife park. It was just soooo hot. We did see the lions up quite close, rhinos, giraffes, lemurs, mongoose, drills and more. It would have been so much nicer in slightly cooler temperatures. We didn’t stay for any of the talks or displays, 

In the evening we ate out in quite a nice bar restaurant – N ate a huge adults portion of sirloin steak and didn’t have many chips left by the end. We finished with some fun in the arcades, and then waffles and cream for N, and for me a Brown Derby (remember the old Wimpy dessert?) from ones of the ice cream/desserts parlours on the sea front.

Wednesday was time to go home. We stopped off via Thetford Forest for Go Ape for N, and we also wanted to try some disc golf. The Go Ape took longer than expected as there were backlogs at different stages, but N loved it. After lunch we decided to try out Disc Golf. My frisbee throwing is pretty terrible direction wise nowadays, so it was interesting!  It was nice to get home but I had to empty the fridge of going off food, the dishwasher hasn’t been put on, and there’s a pile of the OH’s clothes to wash as well as all of our holiday clothes.

On Thursday we took it easy. I emptied the car of all the final holiday bits, then went to the supermarket to pick up a few essentials before it got too hot. Otherwise, it was time to catch up on some of the Commonwealth Games recordings I’ve got.

Friday we went to the outdoor pool with one of N’s friends. The boys had a great time and I got in a little swimming. It was bliss in the hot weather. A quick Costa lunch, then I dropped the boys at their house for a couple of hours. We headed back there in the evening to have a drink and lovely catch up.

On Saturday it was an expensive one. New football boots and trainers for N. He’s now on the verge of adult sizing, so it’s all starting to get more expensive. Otherwise it was a chilled out day. I’ve still been tired from poor sleeping over the last few weeks. I need a few early nights.

black and colourful doors of beach huts on the sea front at lowestoft

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  1. The heatwave and lack of rain have made things more difficult this summer. Glad you’ve been able to get away for a few days and how lovely to catch up with your cousin. Sounds like you had a nice time away in spite of the heat. Theme parks opening earlier than 10 would be good. It’s a shame you only got to go on 5 rides though. The outdoor pool sounds like it was blissful. #project365

    1. I always wish for places to open at 9. They’d get more people in and hopefully phase it better. I suppose it’s harder getting the staff in if they have to get public transport there.

  2. Sounds like a good week. We have been wanting to go to a wildlife park but I know we won’t enjoy it in the heat so have put it off for now.

    Love the colourful beach huts!

  3. The holidays really are flying over and this week has been too hot. I am longing for winter at the moment. lol
    How lovely for you to see your cousin.
    It sounds like you have had a great week. The circus and the Disc golf sounds like fun.
    Beach huts always make me smile. They are colourful one’s. x

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