Library books

I haven’t been to the library for years.  I used to go when I was at uni to the one in town to check out as many books as I could get out, and then used to use one once I’d finished to access the internet (the days when not everyone had a pc).  But books-wise I used to find I’d read all the books I wanted to there, and they never managed to get the new books I wanted so I ended up buying lots new instead.

But I wanted N to be registered as soon as possible so we could go and get books out.  So far though, apart from being registered and going to one Rhyme Time session, I’ve never managed to take him.

I now work just round the corner from the library, so there’s no excuse for at least not getting some books out for him so we I can have a change occasionally from the repetitive reading of some of his favourites which aren’t the most riveting.  So today I popped in at lunch.

The children’s area was a bit random so it was just a case of flicking through tonnes and tonnes of books to find some I thought we’d like.  Ideally I wanted to find some picture word books, as we’ve pretty much exhausted the First Picture Word book we have, until he can actually read the words.  It was a bit of a mish mash trying to locate these type of books, that I ended up just getting some stories out.

He was very excited when I picked him up and showed him five new books to read.  Thankfully he’s now more careful with books so I can trust him to look at library books and not rip the pages or pull off flaps (although I’ll avoid borrowing flap books for a while just in case).

He’s already looked through ‘Woolly blocks the tracks’ (or something along those lines), we read the old classic that my brother and I used to like ‘Peace at Last’ downstairs while chilling, and then ‘The 3 billy goats gruff’ at bedtime.  So first visit choices were successful.

Hopefully next time I’ll take him with me, although I can’t imagine the chaos and volume of his ‘no’ if I let him loose and he chooses too many or totally inappropriate books.

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