300 pbs

300 Picture book challenge – week 8

I’m a bit behind with my post this week, thanks to a few days away this weekend where wifi is pretty shocking (plus shock horror, I was without my laptop…tablet research and buying is in progress so I can be a bit more mobile).

We did take some books with us.  I was hoping to pick up some books in the charity shops where we were heading as there’s not that much choice in the shops back home, but we didn’t make it to any.  Oh well, another time.

Here’s this week’s books.  Note to myself, I really must make a proper list of them so I can easily see what we’ve counted or not.  Also, it should help remember which series of books N likes, and therefore which books in the series we should look out for.

N’s favourite book this week has unsurprisingly been the Peter Rabbit one I found at the library.  I am a little concerned that we’re going to run out of library books soon, as when I go in there, I seem to spot lots of the books we’ve already read.  I’ll have to make sure I get to the NCT nearly new sale in a couple of weeks to make sure I can pick up some picture books there.

300 pbs

  • This week’s books – 17
  • Picture books to date – 125 (41%)

300 picture books

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  1. I used to get lots of books from Nearly New Sales too, but haven’t been to one for years. Does your library do reservations? I found out how to do them online and got lots of different reads that way 🙂 Thank-you for linking up to #300PBs.

    1. The library does do reservations. They now charge quite a bit though – but I think I saw that reserving children’s books was still free. That might be a good idea if there’s a certain series N is keen on.

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