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Book Review: I love you, Alfie Cub

We received our latest Parragon book for review the other day, and I’ve been trying to persuade N that we should try reading it.  I think he’s a bit sick of new books and keeps asking for ‘witch on the broom’ (Room on the Broom).  I made a deal that we’d read one old book for every new book, as last week had been a slow reading week.

However, I did manage to get him to show some interest in the latest book ‘I love you, Alfie Cub’ and we read it the other day before bed.  I think a lot of the Parragon books we’ve reviewed have definitely fallen into the ‘bedtime storybook’ genre, as they’re softly illustrated and gentle stories that encourage quiet time.  This one ends up with cuddles so another reason why it’s perfect for bedtime.

Alfie cub picture book

The story’s about Alfie fox cub who thinks his mum’s run out of love when his twin sisters arrive.  He goes looking for more love for his mum, and all turns out well in the end.  It’s quite a sweet book, although not really one I would personally choose – foxes don’t tend to go down well in a farming family either, so that would probably put me off.  N seemed satisfied with the story, he didn’t tell me to stop halfway through which he sometimes does, so it obviously suits a 3 year old.

The actual story reflects some of the feelings children may have when younger babies arrive, so the message is clear, that mums will always love all their children as much as they did before.  The illustrations are simple, but really well executed and reflect perfectly the gentleness of the story.

If you want to check out the book, it’s available here


Disclosure: We received I love you, Alfie Cub by Angela McAllister and Daniel Howarth  to review from Parragon Books as part of their book buddy scheme.  All opinons are my own.

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