This week’s been pretty dismal weatherwise, so I’ve not got out much which means fewer random photos for this week’s project 365.  Here’s what I’ve been taking picture of.

project 365 week 5

  • Trip to IKEA – this display of the basic Lack table really caught my eye.  N quite enjoyed himself, although he was more excited by the flatpack building once we got home.
  • This Haba Tack Zap set was a birthday present and N loves it.  Anything to wield a hammer (can you see a theme of tools starting young?!)
  • This is my pile of bits next to the bed.  I’m loving crocheting and building up quite a stack of wool, although not finding much time to actually crochet.
  • There’s been a lot of AC/DC singalong and dancing along this week from N.  I’ve tried to wean him on to other bands (he doesn’t mind listening to others in the car thankfully), but nothing else will do for watching.  I blame his father!
  • Lots of uses for his wooden railway box.  It’s been a boat, a horse, and this week he’s been practising his Houdini act!
  • N found last year’s Santa hat in the bottom of his wardrobe, so it’s been worn to nursery, and today I had to walk round town with him wearing it over the top of his normal winter beanie hat!
  • A break in the rain, and we went to feed our peelings to the pigs.  N’s not too sure of them, but he likes going to feed them (I just like it when we get homemade sausages and pork joints out of them!).

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    • I think there’s a lot of people who do. And those that don’t would probably see some good bits if they tried it.

  1. suzanne3childrenandit

    You seem to have found quite a bit to do considering this awful weather:( Love the concentration on your little lad’s face as he taps away!

    • I was surprised that there’s been no bashed finger yet despite his wild and violent hammering!

  2. welshmumof3boys

    ooh love Ikea you never know what fun looking things you’ll find

  3. Wearing it round town did draw some funny looks. But hey, he’s a 3 year old with his own mind. If he says he has to wear a santa hat, who am I to stop him!

    • Agree with sausages. The only issue is that the OH’s been so used to having his mum’s homemade sausages, it means he won’t entertain even premium ranges from supermarkets. He’s a fussy one, but they do taste so good.

    • They really caught my eye from across the room. It wasn’t until I got up close I realised what it was. Am surprised it’s allowed for health & safety reasons!

  4. You have pigs?! The OH would like pigs but I’d end up naming them and treating them like pets rather than a meat source!

    • Yep, we have 2 or 3 piglets for our meat source once or twice a year. Really handy for getting rid of our peelings and going off veg!

    • I think there were quite a few odd looks in town. But anything to stop him moaning at the moment, I’m happy to do!

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