book review the boy who ate everything
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Book Review: The boy who ate everything

On being told the title of this book we were sent ‘The Boy who Ate Everything’, N immediately seemed interested.  Why am I not surprised given he also likes eating?!  So I knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d pick it up as the next book to read at storytime.

book review the boy who ate everything

The cover of The Boy who ate Everything is really bright and bold, with a bit of comedy thrown in.  It really draws you to the book to find out more.  Not sure if I’m strange, but with adult books I always read the blurb but with picture books I rarely bother.  I just go on the cover and what’s that telling me.

The story starts with an old man (which totally threw me although N didn’t seem to think that was strange given it was a boy on the cover!) talking about food and what he liked to eat as a boy.  Basically everything.  And then leading up to an outcome which involves (like so many children’s books do) bodily functions and tying it in with going to space.  Interesting concept!  But seemingly obvious for a child, as N was totally taken in with the idea and straightaway spotted the moon and started commentating about that.

I admit I did let out  a couple of chuckles as we read it, and N really liked the book – we had to read it again straight away afterwards.  I almost thought he’d be asking for a tin of beans afterwards in tribute, but he was happy just to go straight to sleep.

All in all, a great fun book, and one that I can see N enjoying over and over again.


Disclosure: We received this book to review, but all words and opinions are our own.

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  1. I can’t believe you have this book! I received a copy of this same book for my daughters as a gift a few years ago and it was one of their favorite books to read before bedtime (I use to read to them every night.) This brings back so many memories. Thanks for your post, I really did enjoy it and going down memory lane! (LOL)

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