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We’re split in our house over eggs. The OH isn’t a fan unless they’re fried (due to having kept chickens in barns years ago on the farm), but N and I are big fans and would eat them in any format as often as possible.  I love my egg boiler which makes 7 eggs at a time so perfect for preparing soft boiled in one go if we’ve friends to stay.

vintage farmhouse style egg cups - Bubbablue and me

We’re a bit slapdash how we serve our boiled eggs.  N and I designed our own egg cups a while back, but they’re nothing like have pretty egg cups.  Like these pale blue ones we were sent.

I do love vintage style items (could spend all day looking in shops at them), and these sweet egg cups fit in really well in our farmhouse kitchen.  Not only that but pale turquoise, they match our Aga.

pack of farmhouse style egg cup pails

The Eddingtons egg cups come in a pack of 4 with a rustic feel to the packaging. They’re a lovely pail design with each having the image of different types of chicken.  Something a bit different – I’ve never seen egg cups like these before.  And they’d be perfect for a gift – for anyone who loves chickens, or countryside lovers.  If you’ve got fussy children, they can each have their own chicken egg cup – it might avoid them fighting over whose is whose (anyone else have children who fight over silly things like that? My brother and I were terrible when we were children!)

These are great for spring time too, with that lovely spring or summer colour. We might have missed using them for mother’s day breakfast in bed, but they’re a great option with Easter coming up. Use them for hiding crème eggs amongst real eggs in an easter hunt round the house if it’s wet.

blue egg pails

As they’re metal they’re hand wash only. But they’re certainly egg cups I’d be proud to put on the table for brunch if friends are over. But I think these will last well over the years.

I have so many friends who would love these, I think I’m going to have to buy a few packs myself.  You can buy the egg buckets from Prezzybox  (they have cream ones with ‘Eggs’ written on them as an alternative option).

But, I’ve been given a pack to giveaway to one lucky reader. If you’d like to win some of your own, enter by answering the question ‘What’s your favourite recipe using eggs?’

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Disclosure: I was sent these for the purpose of review, and provided a competition prize. All opinions and words are my own.


  1. Mary Berry’s Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake – it’s glorious!

  2. Monika Bascombe

    scrambled egg on toast with tomato sauce

  3. Lia Burns

    It has to be an omelette for me because they are quick and easy to make and you can add anything you like!

  4. A.E. ADKINS

    Spaghetti Carbonara – so quick , easy & cheap but really tasty & satisfying

  5. Karen Howden

    a freshly laid poached egg laid on top of a bed of baked beans on toast

  6. Julie Camm

    Scrambled eggs on toasted brown bread with a bit of black pepper

  7. Amy Jo McLellan

    A poached egg and spinach sat on top of an English muffin 🙂

  8. I eat eggs for breakfast most days but my favourite recipe using them (for meringue) would have to be Eton Mess, especially with summer (hopefully) not too far away!

  9. Philippa Howe

    Egg & cress sarnie on malted bloomer bread…. delicious

  10. Sophia Tennant Hosein

    I have dippy eggs and soldiers every morning, makes me feel like a kid again x

  11. Caroline Signey

    Most of our eggs go into cake making with the kids!

  12. Amy Lambert

    bacon and cheese omelette or quiche Lorraine is my favourite

  13. It would have to be pavlova as I have a bit of a thing about pudding but I also enjoy the challenge of making a cheese souffle.

  14. scrambled egg with smoked salmon, or chocolate mousse, or cheese soufflé depending on my mood

  15. sharon martin

    favourite recipe using eggs is lemon cake, scrambled eggs are nice too though

  16. Daphne Monk

    I like boiled eggs and soldiers, or a pastry free quiche ( cooked in baking paper in a muffin tray)

  17. Helen Rowles

    I like to serve my eggs poached with buttered toast. Simple and delicious

  18. Rachael Sexey

    My daughter Ava looks chucky egg and soldiers

  19. Geoff Hibbert

    Scrambled eggs with a touch of Cayenne pepper

  20. Dawn Samples

    I love poached egg on toast but they don’t always work out!!x

  21. For me it’s just the simple and easy scrambled eggs. Can’t beat a classic.

  22. Jane Gorton

    You can’t beat a fried egg!! Fantastic prize, thank you x

  23. Elaine Shaw

    At first, I thought of a full English breakfast, but to be honest it has to be Tuna Salad Nicoise, I love it, so simple , yet so healthy and tasty.

  24. Marie Rule

    I love making soft poached eggs over a bed of salad with garlic mayo.

  25. Selina F

    Omelette with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

  26. Fiona Johnstone

    I love a cheese, ham, mushroom and spring onion omelette. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it..

  27. jo liddement

    I love poached eggs although i’m not too good at making them as the white always seems to separate from the yolk!

  28. Elizabeth Chew

    Love a good spanish frittata with paprika, but my daughter of course will only have them boiled and slightly runny (has to be perfect,) with dippy soldiers.

  29. Ann Skamarauskas

    scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on sourdough toast

  30. Kim Neville

    Omelette with red onion and mushrooms with a little soya sauce on top

  31. Laura Muir

    I actually used to get really sick whenever I ate eggs, but recently ive weaned myself onto them and I cant get enough of scrambled eggs or dippy eggs!

  32. Nikki Hayes

    Victoria sponge – or any other type of cake – I love cake 😀

  33. Joanna Ford

    Spinach and tuna omelette is definitely my favourite

  34. Kay Sherman

    Does cake count? Scrambled eggs with ham on top

  35. Samantha R

    I love egg and mushroom omelettes and pancakes.

  36. Sarah Mccaffery

    Poached eggs on toast with a dusting of pepper.

  37. Jennifer Bruce

    Has anyone said cake? Did I misread the question? Cake is the BEST recipe using eggs! A particular favourite of mine is banana loaf, using over ripe bananas, yum yum!

  38. astrid c

    fried eggs, but if i won i would give these to my step mom as i accidently threw her old ones out !!!x

  39. Chris Hunt

    I’m old fashioned. Its a plain egg sandwich for me.

  40. michelle o'neill

    poached eggs on toast x my hubby makes it for me every sunday morning

  41. Mark Mccaffery

    My favourite is the plain hard boiled egg.

  42. kimberley ryan

    has to be sausage and bacon quiche, my family love it

  43. Alex Telford

    I loved poached egg, cooked tomatoes, smoked salmon and spinach. Yum! Full of protein so really filling too.

  44. Poached eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and toast

  45. Gemma Gautier

    I know it’s cliche, but I do love cake!

  46. Kim Styles

    I love a Frittata !! especially with lots of potatoes spinach and cheese too

  47. i love making asparagus and spring onion omelette

  48. Alex Telford

    I adore eggs, nothing beats a simple poached egg on toast on a Sunday morning.

  49. Frances H

    Any steamed pudding. Only needs one or two eggs but who could refuse?

  50. Carole Nott

    love egg on toast served with rounds of bacon = yummy

  51. claire griffiths

    scrabble egg with some cheddar cheese on toast yummy

  52. I like to make a quiche and as my mum has chickens I’m never without eggs so I can make plenty of quiche. Love these egg cups

  53. adeinne Tonner

    For me it has to be a nice egg omelette

  54. Rachel Butterworth

    Busted Egg Sandwich. Comfort food!

  55. Kyomi Johnson

    Egg and soldiers reminds me of when I was a child and my dad used to do it for me

  56. Carol Sadler

    Has to be dippy soft boiled eggs and toasted soldiers! (These lovely eggcups would be just perfect for that)

  57. Melissa Lee

    Scrambled egg on toast – simple but so good!

  58. Sarah Austin

    I love an omelette, simple and a good way to use up left overs in the fridge!

  59. I love shashuka. So delicious. And cake. Cake has eggs lol

  60. Laura Lee

    I just love dippy eggs with soldiers and these would be perfect for them.

  61. holly harmsworth

    dippy eggs and soldiers are my favourite

  62. Hayley Atkins

    We are lucky enough to have our own hens ,so fresh eggs everyday. We love to make Spanish omelettes and quiches

  63. abigail edkins

    I do love a poached egg, especially on a gammon steak

  64. Mine is a baked Spanish omelette. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  65. Lucinda Fortune

    Lots of baking! Usually chocolate cake!

  66. Tracy Newton

    I absolutely adore soft boiled eggs with bread and butter soldiers

  67. lynn neal

    I love omlettes and egg fried rice but I can never get it to taste the same as in a restaurant

  68. Georgina Prince was davies

    my favourite egg recipe has to be cheese and ham omelette x

  69. Michelle Ferguson

    I never eat eggs so I will have to say cup cakes

  70. Dale Dow

    oooh has to be scrambled egg, although I am quite partial to a boiled egg and soldiers x

  71. Hannah Mary

    I’ve always got eggs in ready to make cake!

  72. Judy Kennedy

    scrambled egg, occasionally I make an onion, garlic and chilli base and curry powder with chunky buttered bread

  73. chani lewis

    Can’t beat a boiled egg in the morning for breakfast x

  74. Rebecca Brown

    Fried egg sandwiches are my guilty comfort food, but my favourite is homemade goats cheese and red onion quiche.

  75. For me it would be either chocolate cake or for something more “eggy” then scrambled egg with smoked salmon.

  76. Hannah Wallington

    I love a cheese and bacon fritatta

  77. Alice O'Neill

    Poached eggs on toast with cracked black pepper

  78. Dawn Chapman

    I love good old scrambled eggs with salmon.

  79. Charlotte

    i love a cheese and mushroom omlette, my monday treat

  80. Elizabeth Smith

    Eggs Benedict – although not for breakfast

  81. Tanya Deliyska

    One of my favourites is Hevos estrellados.

  82. Sheena Batey

    I like good old fashioned egg and chips for tea

  83. I like to make bacon, cheese and mushroom omelettes 🙂

  84. Sue Cook

    Bucks Rarebit, it’s so tasty and everyone loves it.

  85. Clive Gerrard

    simple boiled eggs and ‘soldiers’ !

  86. Cath English

    Omelettes. Quick & easy, and delicious!

  87. Sue McCarthy

    Quiche; vegetarian for me with mushrooms, peppers and onion.

  88. AdrianBold

    I like a ham and cheese omelette. Thanks for the competition.

  89. Margaret Gallagher

    Tortillas – so versatile hot / cold and using up anything left in my fridge

  90. Jennifer Toal

    Pancakes. I also like mini omelette made in muffin tins

  91. melanie stirling

    cheese and onion omlette is my favourite.

  92. Tracey Peach

    Has to be my Mum’s egg & Cheese pie she won’t tell me the secret ingredient!

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