Whenever I spot new tv shows that N’s watching, so many of them are reworks of programmes from mine or my brother’s childhood tv watching era.  One of those is Alvin and the Chipmunks.  We used to watch the original (I’m presuming from my brother’s time – or maybe we would just sit and watch anything at certain times of the day), and since then there’s been the film which was also fun.

N’s never really seen much more than a clip of the film, but we were sent the new CGI Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks: Summer of Sport dvd from the new animated tv show to review.  Season 1 consists of 52 episodes with the volume 1 Summer of Sport dvd containing 14 episodes, released on 13th June.

alvinnn and the chipmunks summer of sport dvd

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As soon as there’s a new dvd in the house, N’s there like a shot and I came down one morning to see him watching avidly.  To me, who’s used to seeing the old style chipmunks, these ones are a little strange.  They’re more human than animal, but still with the same sounding voices, and the same cheeky nature.  The stories are all about single parent David trying to raise 6 cheeky chipmunks, Simon, Alvin and Theodore, plus the 3 Chipettes.

N watched 2 episodes from the dvd in succession, telling me it was funny and good.  With the episodes only being 10-15 minutes long, the DVDs perfect for short tv watching sessions and for young children who maybe fidget a lot during longer films.  Each episode contains a new Chipmunks song.

The dvd available to pre-order now from HMV, Zavvi and Amazon*.

In celebration of Alvin and the Chipmunks over the years, do check out the infographic below. Can you remember them from your youth?

ALVINNN_Infographic_Small (1)

I’ve got a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader. Just answer the question in the comments (no need to fill in the url box), then complete the rafflecopter widget.

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Disclosure: I’ve been provided with a copy of the dvd to giveaway.


  1. sarah robertson

    I used to like Round the Twist. It was fun and filled with ghosts and strange goings on, but done in a funny way.

  2. sarah robertson

    I used to like Round the Twist. It was fun and filled with ghosts and strange goings on, but done in a funny way.

  3. claire little

    I loved my little pony as the adventures and characters where great.

  4. Vickie Jackson

    I loved Rainbow Brite because I loved how so much good could come from colour and working together 🙂

    I’ve rewatched some with my daughter and looking back on it now Starlight (her horse) was a complete arse! Lol.

  5. Leanne Abel

    I loved Thundercats and Knightmare as I was a 80’s child, Oh and dont forget Fun House with Pat Sharp

  6. becci cleary

    Thomas the Tank Engine – I actually have many memories of watching it as a child with my granddad and I cant have been more than 2 or 3 at the time. It was on of a weekday, straight after the horse racing 🙂

  7. Natalie Crossan

    Sesame street as I loved the songs xx

  8. Steven Beasley

    Mine was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the 90s. I just loved the idea of crime fighting turtles lol

  9. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    Grange Hill – I loved the drama

  10. Karen Dixon

    Bodger and Badger, Loved the theme tune

  11. Top Cat was my favourite. It was fun and mischievous and had a very catchy theme tune that I can still sing to this day.

  12. Scott Fallon

    Art attack, i always enjoyed trying to copy the stuff made on it


    Belle and Sebastian. Loved everything about it!

  14. Hannah Scudder

    I loved Recess as a child, it used to really make me laugh and entertain me.

  15. Jamie Millard

    gummy bears. so many adventures and such an EPIC theme tune.


  16. Julie Edwards

    I used to love Batfink.. because his wings were made of a sheet of steel… lol

  17. Philip Underwood

    I loved Bagpuss, because I love cats!

  18. Lorraine Polley

    loved crystal tipps and alistair, i always wanted a dog but my mum wouldn’t let us have one

  19. Laura Findlay

    I loved Playdays. I liked the puppets and I liked the theme tune with the bus x

  20. Laura Findlay

    I loved Playdays. I liked the puppets and I liked the theme tune with the bus x

  21. Deborah Bird

    My little pony was my fave, probably because I have always loved horses!

  22. Keith Hunt

    Scooby Doo from the 1970s as we had loads of hounds

  23. Patricia Avery

    There were only 5 so I didn’t have a favourite! Picture Box, Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben, Rag,Tag and Bobtail and The Woodentops. 15 mins a day – Monday to Friday. How times have changed 🙂

  24. Adrian Bold

    Grange Hill – great characters and storylines I could relate to as a kid of the same age.

  25. caroline kelly

    The mysterious cities of gold, would they ever sold the mysteries?

  26. steph lovatt

    Button moon, I loved singing the theme tune

  27. Victoria Prince

    Scooby Doo for me, because I always loved trying to solve the mysteries!

  28. Laura Harrison

    I loved the Raggy Dolls, was really good xx

  29. Jill Fairbank

    I loved mr Benn I loved to find out what adventurers he was up too

  30. Stephen Little

    Crackerjack – I thought Leslie Crowther was funny!

  31. Jemma Dwyer

    Jem and the Holograms i thought i was jem lol

  32. Victoria B

    Knightmare – it was so nice and innovative at the time and it was scary – I liked to be scared.

  33. Jo McPherson

    I loved Mr Ben, I loved seeing what costume he would come out in

  34. Emily Clark

    My favourite was probablllllyyy The Herb Garden, I loved the little songs each character had, especially Parsley’s .

  35. Andrew Hindley

    Thunderbirds – I wanted to be Lady Penelope’s butler

  36. Mine was Willow the Wisp, just before the news with that horrible little tv thing and willow in a tutu 🙂

  37. Joanna Kasznicki

    I loved SuperTed, I thought he was really cool and I thought it could happen

  38. Jayne Kelsall

    my favourite was The Magic Roundabout because I loved zebeedee .x

  39. Elspeth MacMillan

    I loved Rainbow but I would have keep zippy zipped up 😀

  40. I liked Rainbow mostly because I loved Bungle!

  41. Sadiyya maryam

    Worzel Gummidge. My brothers and I used to love this. It always made us laugh.

  42. Samantha walker

    I loved art attack…loved being creative!

  43. Lisa Wilkinson

    I loved Knightmare. I loved anything which had adventure in it. I actually applied to be on it too and received a letter to say thanks but they weren’t producing anymore.

  44. Vicky Loveday

    The Magic Roundabout. I loved the way Ermentrude used to move the flower in her mouth from side to side.

  45. Sharon Arnott

    Mr Ben, I could never wait to see what he was going to come out of the dressing room as next.

  46. Michelle Ferguson

    I loved the smurfs as wanted to be Smurfette and live in a mushroom house

  47. Caroline Cordery

    It was Rainbow as it had so much variety and I still love the theme tune

  48. Tammy Tudor

    i loved scooby doo it was so fun, i loved the characters and how the mystery unfolded!

  49. Thundercats because I wanted to be Cheetara.


    Tom and Jerry, who couldn’t love these two getting up to mischief

  51. Jo Carroll

    I was just reminded of a great one I really loved ‘Animal Magic’ with the wonderful Johnny Morris lending his brilliant voice to a wide variety of animals. Definately one they should bring back? I’d reckon Alvin and the Chipmunks would enjoy it too…

  52. Kirsty Caffrey

    I used to love ‘Its a Knockout’ … I think its my sense of humour that I love to see people making a fool of themselves and falling over 🙂

  53. Sarah Walford

    Rainbow, Yes I loved George and Zippy!!

  54. Vicky Limerick

    I was crazy for Noddy. No idea why because I used to hide whilst watching it

  55. Tracy Newton

    I loved Rainbow. Apparently I always wanted to cuddle Bungle

  56. julie henderson

    the flumps as my nan tried to make them for me


    I loved fun house – always wanted to go on there and do the go carting!!

  58. Sheri Darby

    Crackerjack – I loved the cabbage quiz

  59. Rachel Craig

    Andy Pandy, I liked the characters and the singing.

  60. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    The Banana Splits Show and the Wombles, jointly!

  61. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    The Banana Splits Show and the Wombles, jointly!

  62. Kirsty Hosty

    I loved Rainbow Bright was obsessed even had the bedding set

  63. Sesame Street because of all the colourful characters.

  64. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Blue Peter, it always made me laugh.

  65. Chrissie Curtis

    Button Moon! Not sure why really.. Just loved the characters.

  66. I used to like to watch Pipkins. It reminds me of time with mum.

  67. Annabel Greaves

    I used to love Top Cat – brilliant that there is now a remake!!

  68. Karen Stirling

    Funhouse, because it was all about kids having the time of their lives.

  69. Corinne Peat

    I loved button moon because I loved space and the moon!

  70. Debbie Southwell

    Rainbow as I loved all the characters and the songs from Rod, Jane and Freddy.

  71. Kim Styles

    Pogles Wood ! it was in black and white!

  72. Clare Hubbard

    Chucklevision – just used to think it was hilarious!

  73. Katie skeoch

    Bagpuss, I loved all the interesting items & musical mice!

  74. Leanne Newsome

    My favourite programme when I was q child was Care Bears because I loved bears

  75. Sandra Bald

    I loved Grange Hill.
    I thought the characters were cool & used to wish my school was like that!

  76. Sally Collingwood

    I loved Bagpus because I love Cats

  77. Margaret Clarkson

    I loved Mr Benn because of all the wonderful adventures he had.

  78. Kat Lucas

    I loved Sesame Street because of the characters

  79. Used to like The Herb Garden – just liked all the different characters x

  80. Deborah Mackenzie

    I never watched much tele as a kid mainly because I grew up in Africa, but I used to love programmes like Bewitched, Munsters etc (my age is showing!)

  81. Tony Metcalf

    Wacky Races! I wanted Dick Dastardley to win a race, he never did.

  82. laura stewart

    i liked the rugrats because they got upto no good x

  83. gemma brown

    mine was tmnt 😀 still love it now. it’s my screensaver

  84. sarah rees

    crystal tip and Alistair, don’t know why as I cant really remember it now but I used to get the same video out the shop every visit and it was that

  85. Paula Readings

    I liked the magic roundabout, I have no idea why, but i would watch it avidly every night before the news.. i still like it & saw the film.

  86. kirsteen mackay

    I loved Batman, it was the non stop action and the goodies always beating the baddies that made me love it so much.

  87. Spencer Broadley

    I used to love Scooby Doo – it was soooo much fun

  88. Ruth Harwood

    I loved dangermouse, but I can’t remember why – possibly the fun of it all xx

  89. Jo Hutchinson

    The Mysterious cities of Gold because you never knew what trouble the kids were going to get into next and if they would ever find the cities of gold and evade the bad guys.

  90. melanie stirling

    The A Team was my favourite,it was exciting!

  91. emma walters

    apparently i was obsessed with dukes of hazard & would make mum & dad get in the car through the windows

  92. Kim Neville

    I liked Bagpuss and singing along to the mice tune

  93. janine atkin

    sharkie and george, they were such a funny pair

  94. laura banks

    jamie and his magic torch i wanted the helter-skelter

  95. Tracy Nixon

    I loved Mr Benn as I loved to guess what costume he would choose from the magic changing room!

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