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Pre-Blogtacular – meet me

It’s blogging conference season and over the next month I’ve got 2 to go to.  I’ve done my #BML16 introduction, but hadn’t thought to do one for Blogtacular. Only it’s now just over a week away and I’ve realised I really should put myself out there a bit.  Step 1 was remembering about the twitter chats, step 2 is my introduction.

For the last couple of years I’ve heard everyone rave about Blogtacular, and having only been to parenting blogging conferences I decided to try something new and give it a go.  I’m not sure much I blog about is creative, but as I said to a blogging friend, in developing and writing our blogs, and working at taking good photography, that makes us creative.

Plus I’ve just launched my new dance blog ‘What about Dance‘. Nowadays dance is my creative outlet, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some great tips from bloggers in more creative areas at Blogtacular.

Hopefully I’ll get round to ‘meeting’ some of the bloggers going prior to the event through reading their introductions.  But if you’re one of the people I’ve chated to on social media please do come and say hi.

self portrait for BML

My name:  Emma

My blog:  Bubbablue and me, and my new blog What about dance, which has just gone live.

Find me on social media atTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook

How I look:  I’ve got brown hair, cut in a bob, maybe with my fringe cut back in or maybe not.  Oh and a few grey hairs because although I’ve had hair dye in the house for the past year, I’ve still not found time to dye it.

Is this my first blogging event?  It’s my first Blogtacular, but I’ve been to various parenting blogger conferences over the past 4 years.

I will be wearing…clothes.  Going on past experience it’ll be jeans, birkenstocks or ballet pumps, and maybe a new top (I’ve just bought 7 in one shop so hopefully one might be suitable and not too over dressy)

My aims for Blogtacular:

  • Relax and enjoy it
  • Catch up with Kate from Dark Tea (and plan our BML the week after)
  • Learn about areas that are new to me but that will help my blogs.
  • Get creative and see new opportunities
  • Meet bloggers outside my usual niche

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Wahoo I got a mention (and a back link 😉 ) I’m looking forward to trying something new, especially as I don’t think I’ll have met many of the other attendees in person before so I’ll be making new connections which will hopefully trigger new ideas.

    See you on Saturday.

    1. Yes, I think there’s a few I’ve ‘met’ online, but most will be new. I’m hoping to find out about how to find different niches of readers and how others reach out in different ways. See you then (still haven’t checked my train)

  2. I’m going to Blogtacular! Looking forward to meeting you Emma. It’s my first time too, though I’ve heard so many good things about it. Mainly from Charlotte from Baking Betsy who is going too! See you next week.

    1. Ah, yes will be good to say hi. Looks like there’ll be a few parenting bloggers. I’m sure we’ll learn lots of new things and get inspired

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