8 kids tv shows I love to hate

8 kids tv shows I love to hate

I’m sure it was the same when we were children, but there’s certain kids tv shows that adults hate.  I suppose children do watch a lot more tv than when I was a child.  Although my mum did moan about how much we watched and there was a stage where my brother and I were only allowed to watch 3 hours of tv each a week – if we chose different tv shows, we could watch 6. It didn’t last long.

N used to watch only Milkshake which was preferable because it was only certain times of the day. But now he’s discovered cbeebies which means he can watch any time he gets a control.  I’m trying to move him on to CBBC, but I’m not having much luck so far.  I blame YouTube for his discovery.  Previously I used to record Peter Rabbit for him but he’s obviously over watched that.  He prefers all the silly characters who are made up creatures and don’t speak properly.  He’s 5….I despair.  Especially as when he was younger he wasn’t keen on tv at all.

I used to think Peppa Pig was annoying but at least there’s quite a few real life ‘events’ and ‘thoughts’ that are obviously included for parents to relate too which can be quite amusing.

8 kids tv shows I love to hate

Here are my 8 tv shows that kids love but I hate – I’m sure there are more but thankfully we only have Freeview so I’m relieved of having to suffer Nickleodeon as well.


Why this was brought back I have no idea.  It was bad the first time round – I was at uni then – and it drove me mad then.  Silly characters not talking properly.  Ok so there’s some learning bits, but the rest is beyond my comprehension as to why children like them.

Justin’s House (and anything Mr Tumble)

A whole lot of children screaming, singing and shouting at grown ups dressing up and being silly on stage.  I’d have hated it as a child too.  I don’t think N would be keen being there live, although he does join in with the songs at home.  Silliness + shouting children = despair.  I give thanks I don’t live in a 1 room studio flat when it’s on.  Gigglebiz is just too much dressing up and silliness for me.

justins house
Credit: BBC
Justin Fletcher at Geronimo festival
It was less painful on stage at Geronimo Festival


See the Teletubbies above.  Just no.

I suppose it has nice calming music, but N can’t work out the yoga moves watching the creatures (I don’t even know what they are), and calling children ‘cheebies’. Eh?!  Plus there’s no story.  Weirdly N didn’t like Waybaloo when he was a toddler, but now he’ll sit and watch it.

Credit BBC

Paw Patrol

Dogs coming to the rescue.  N is obsessed with this whenever it’s on.  I suppose it’s got a good message about helping people, but crikey it’s dull.  And now he’s got a book too…yawn whenever I have to read it.


Similarly to Paw Patrol, it just seems the same – animals (odd shaped penguins?) coming to the rescue of things.  What’s worse is Octonauts is on at just before 8am, which is when N needs to be at morning club. So if I don’t get the tv off before it’s advertised as coming next I get a lot of moaning about how he can’t miss it.  Noooo.




N always gets excited when this is on, but worryingly he doesn’t know what Boj is, what Boj means (I’m presuming ‘bodge job’ style) or really what the show is about.  I wonder if I can find a way to block certain tv shows?

Baby Jake

This would occasionally be on when N was younger, but even now he’ll tell me he wants to watch it if it’s on when he’s channel flicking.  It’s just odd.  A weird cartoon body with a real baby’s face.  It’s creepy.  And a baby going on adventures and jumping like rabbits?  Just a little bit loony really

Footy pups

I feel sorry for footballer Rachel Yankee having to work with kids playing football and cartoon dogs.  Basically Rachel tells the children how to work on and practise different skills each episode.  Then they play a game to show how those skills can work.  But really N is just watching 6 kids (and cartoons) running around kicking a ball.  Surely he gets more fun out of the football sessions they have at school.

What gets me most is that N doesn’t even like football (or so he tells me), so why does he like watching Foot Pups?  The power and addiction of children’s tv!

I’m also not a fan of The Clangers but I’ll probably get strung up for saying that about a classic tv show.  I think it’s the silly sounds and ‘voices’.  I’d rather tv shows, adult or children’s, had people speaking normally.

My worry is getting N outside or playing, exploring toys inside rather than watching tv. But he knows how to use the tv and control the pause and play of the recorder, which means I have to hide the remotes, and turn the tv off rather than putting it on standby at times I’m not around – ie early mornings when I’m still in bed.

What children’s tv shows aren’t you a fan of?  How do you get your children up and moving about and play off screens?

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  1. I can’t believe you haven’t got twintastic Topsy & Tim in there – they’re among my post on kids’ characters who make me want to scream, along with Daddy Pig and Sophie’s mum in the Tiger Who Came to Tea! #thelist

  2. It doesn’t get any better when theyre older – House of Anubis – grrr. Oh and the Zingzillas! Is that even still going? It shouldn’t be.

  3. Ah, I hate Footy Pups and anything Mr Tumble but the little one loves it! I also particularly hate In the Night Garden – it’s just weird. I try not to let him watch TV too much but sometimes when I need him to be occupied whilst I am getting on with some bits and bobs, I do – Is that bad? #TheList

    1. I do exactly the same, although N’s only really been interested in the last year. He watches too much because he’ll watch it or the tablet in the morning from when he gets up til goes to school or I get up and remove it from him. I need to set more rules…I think once he’s in year one.

  4. I’ve never understood why the Teletubbies and Octonauts have such staying power, but they’re the ones I don’t hate so much. I find Waybuloo utterly horrifying. However your post has now made me wonder if there were any TV shows I watched as a child that made my Mum cringe. I always hated Rainbow, I wonder if she did too!

    1. Anything with pretend made up language I’m not a fan of.

      Ah poor rainbow. I’d imagine most parents liked that. Although it was a bit surreal. Like most shows were in the late 70s/early 80s!

  5. I’ve never understood why the Teletubbies and Octonauts have such staying power, but they’re the ones I don’t hate so much. I find Waybuloo utterly horrifying. However your post has now made me wonder if there were any TV shows I watched as a child that made my Mum cringe. I always hated Rainbow, I wonder if she did too!

  6. Most of these are on my girls’ list of TV shows that they love but I’m less keen on. I find Justin’s House and Gigglebiz quite irritating and Footy Pups bores me to tears and I can never quite work out just why the girls love it so much. Me Too is probably my least favourite CBeebies programme though – thankfully when it is on, it tends to be around 6am which is just before the girls get up so we rarely end up watching it!

  7. If I were to write a list of childrens TV shows that I hated it would amount to more than 8… lol

    1. Lol I suppose you’re right. It probably his obsession with them I hate. I need to wean him off tv and YouTube on the mornings before I’m up.

  8. I watch my twin nieces during the day and THANKFULLY they don’t have tv, just streaming – I can skip right past Octonauts, which drives me insane, too! I also dislike The girls love My Little Pony and Scooby Doo, which is what I grew up on – even though it’s the new SD series, smh. =)

    1. I do tend to try and record a few shows he likes. That means I don’t have to find when they’re on for him. Scooby Doo – N’s not got into, although he does like a figure and goo he has.

  9. hahaha! I hate these shows too….My youngest is just about grown out of them but does still go back and watch some now and again.
    We went to see Justin’s House live last year and it was actually a lot of fun….lol

    1. Ooh that live would be awful for me, just the screaming kids. I’m not sure N would like it either. He’s not really one for participating much.

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