Pomora olive oil - spaghetti recipe
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Eat Mediterranean with Pomora Olive Oils

We’re pretty rubbish in our house at all eating together.  What with full time working, N eating at nursery, the OH coming in at any old time and me preferring to eat my main at lunch, we only religiously sit down together 3 nights a week unless the OH’s out harvesting trying to beat the rain.

We do eat mostly home cooked meals, and use good quality (usually British) ingredients where possible.  But there’s certain ingredients that you have to buy from the source to get the best tastes.  Olive oil is one of them and I’ve recently been introduced to Pomora.

recipe ingredients using Pomora

Pomora is a startup company offering US and UK consumers the opportunity to adopt an olive tree in Italy.  Then they are send the olive oil from that tree throughout the year.  I love the idea – a bit like sponsoring a wild animal, but you get more back for your sponsorship, as well as helping independent growers in Italy.  These growers get a fair living price for their oil, and a direct trading route, leading to more sustainable farming.

As so frequently mentioned, olive oil is a big part of the Mediterranean diet which appears to lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.  So a good oil to be eating when you need to choose between them.  I do use a variety of oils in cooking depending on what we’re eating – a variety of olive oils depending on the meal, rape seed and for more dessert items I might use a bit of coconut oil.  But I do love the versatility of olive oils.

I don’t think you can beat an appetiser of bread, with balsamic and oil to dip the bread into.  It’s got to be extra virgin olive oil for this, and the Pomora Olio Nuovo olive oil certainly tasted good on dipping in our Italian crackers from a local farm shop.

bread crisps and Pomora dips

We love pasta in this house too, and I decided to cook a simple tricolore pasta dish using the Pomora olive oil as a light coating for the pasta rather than having a heavy sauce.  Perfect for the warmer weather.

Pomora olive oil - spaghetti recipe

I simply cooked my pasta until al dente, chopped up some vine cherry tomatoes, and spring onion.  Once the pasta was cooked, it was drained, a small swirl of olive oil was added to the pan of pasta to coat.  Then squeeze over a little lemon juice, sprinkle in the spring onions and tomatoes.  I also added some shredded Italian ham (parma or prosciutto is perfect).  Dish up and add some parmesan (I didn’t have any so just used a little cheddar) and a twist of pepper.  It was really delicious, and really light for a light summer lunch or dinner.

mediterranean tricolore spaghetti

If you’re an olive oil fan, you can buy Pomora from their website.  But I’ve also got a prize to giveaway,  a 1 year adoption for one lucky reader worth $225.  All you need to do is answer a question, then enter  via the widget.

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  6. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications  shared on social media.
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Disclosure: We were given a subscription to Pomora for the purpose of review.  All opinions and words are my own.

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  1. Tuna Bake – some olive oil over the top of the cheese and then browned under the grill….yum!

  2. Grilled chicken with homemade hot bread, feta and beef tomato and basil salad!

  3. I literally use it in the pan for everything I cook, but I also like drizzling it over Mediterranean vegetables before putting them in the oven.

  4. I use olive oil in alot of cooking but a family favourite in our house is lime chicken. Brilliant prize X

  5. I like to make salad dressings, Spaghetti, Pasta ,and gratin a french food with olive oils .

  6. Homemade pesto with pasta with cherry tomatoes always goes down well not just with my children but a winner with playdates too.

  7. Pasta coated in olive oil with vine cherry tomatoes, basil and spring onions – simple but so delicious.

  8. I cook pasta, coat in olive oil and then serve with some mackerel, tomatoes, peppers and cheese.

    @smeethsaysfashn on twitter

  9. Homemade pesto sauce. I use olive oil in salad dressings and generally to cook with too.

  10. I use olive oil for all my cooking but i especially like making my garam masala potato wedges 🙂

  11. I love spaghetti alla vongole – great when you can get some fresh clams

  12. My Summer dish is crab linguine made with a chilli olive oil – tastes just as good with tinned crab and only takes a few minutes!

  13. roast potatoes, they really do give them such a lovely flavour that you don’t get with vegetable oil.

  14. I just love adding different herbs and spices to olive oil and using it as a dip for bread alongside a nice Italian cold meat platter!

  15. My homemade salad dressing with olive oil and balsamico vinegar, herbs, mustard and other spices

  16. I love making my own homemade focaccia bread with lots of olive oil drizzled on top

  17. Roast courgettes, peppers and red onion with olive oil and balsamic vinegar – divine!

  18. This is such a fantastic idea!!

    Okay, what don’t we use olive oil in would probably be a quicker question for me to answer – I love mediterranean food, so I use it all the time!

    But my favourite dish would probably be homemade pesto, using the basil we grow on our balcony. When I used to live with my mum, she grows loads of organic fruit and veg, so I’d make pesto with fresh spinach, kale, purple sprouting broccoli, or any other greens we had to hand.

    I also use it a lot as a salad dressing – either on it’s own, mixed with balsamic (just drizzle one then the other), or mixed with some lemon oil and black pepper for a really rest spring dressing.

    And I even use olive oil in my bath!! I use a cheaper grade for this, as it isn’t being eaten. But I mix a few drops of lavender essential oil in with a good glut of olive oil, for an ancient-rome style bath oil that’s divine! I use it when I don’t have time to moisturise, if I run out of bath product, or if I’m just in need of the relaxing properties of lavender. Again, I have my mum’s expertise to thank for that one!

  19. My take on Shepherd’s Pie (that’s basically my favourite thing to cook with anything, but I do fry in olive oil)

  20. Spaghetti bolognaise with quorn mince, chicken stir fry with a hint of oyster sauce and believe it or not chips!

  21. I love making a nice fresh greek salad with a drizzle of olive oil – best served in the sun on the terrace 🙂

  22. 50-cloves of garlic roast chicken served with Hasselback potatoes and roasted root vegetables.

  23. Have to admit if we have a really tasty olive oil, I like just dunking bread in it with some balsamic, delicious!

  24. My bolognese sauce. The olive oil, with tomatoes, onion, garlic, fresh herbs and beef mince gives a great flavour.

  25. Over a fresh salad, usually accompanied by some feta cheese and crusty white bread

  26. I love to drizzle olive oil over a salad made of spinach, cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower seeds and tofu.

  27. Whenever I have a high quality olive oil, I always keep it simple and enjoy it with fresh bread, cheeses and meats and olives. Perfection.

  28. Couscous, vine tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of olive oil – simple perfection.

  29. I love a feta and red pepper fritatta with the peppers slowed roasted in a big glug of olive oil first.

  30. I wouldn’t really call it cooking but loving making Brushcetta with it x

  31. Roasted aubergine, mint, chilli & olive oil, riddled on top of sourdough.

  32. Unpeeled roughly chopped potato drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper in oven or around a beef joint. In fact drizzled on everything where oil is called for, particularly good with lime juice.

  33. I love roasted veggies to go with our meals, red onion, sweet potato and all the different coloured peppers drizzled in oil!

  34. Tomato and mozarella caprese with torn up basil and good quality extra virgin olive oil. Yummy!

  35. Love the “Vegetable and Chorizo” soup on the BBC Food page

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  36. I like making my own pesto. Spaghetti, wild mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pesto.

  37. spaghetti simply tossed with good olive oil, chillies and garlic – simple but delicious!

  38. I use olive oil in pretty much everyting I cook. But my favourite, providing I have good quality oil, is simply to have it on a salad.

  39. Such a hard Q but for me.. it’s not a meal as such, but my favourite way to use olive oil is drizzling it over salad with a little balsamic vinegar. Delish!

  40. I love olive oil and use it in so many meals, one of my fave things to took is Rosemary and Olive oil flatbreads, I also love Pistachio, cardamom and olive oil cake and Blood Orange olive oil cake. I sub with olive oil where I can. Summer salads are awesome, some great olive oil dressings. Ahhh olive oil x x

  41. Used in Focaccia Bread with Rosemary and also used as a dipping oil, (like to dip Focaccia bread into oil as a starter)

  42. I like olive oil best on salads or as a dip for bread, I don’t cook with it as heating it spoils the flavour

  43. Love to cook with home grown courgettes, tomatoes, onions, sweetcorn and anything else my husband has grown with some herbs, garlic, olive oil and cook in the oven – yummy

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