Wasgij Christmas 4 Christmas Chaos puzzle

Wasgij Christmas 4 – Christmas Chaos solution

It might be too early in the year to talk Christmas, but I do tend to just do whatever puzzle is top of my pile. And I’ve got plenty of Christmas themed jigsaw puzzles. One recent one was a secondhand Wasgij Christmas 4 – Christmas Chaos puzzle.

Wasgij Christmas 4 Christmas Chaos puzzle

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The Christmas Wasgij range is similar to the Original range. To solve the puzzle try and imagine what one of the characters on the box image sees. This then gives you the alternative perspective.

The box image of Christmas Chaos shows carol singers down a town street in snowy weather. But what’s the choirmaster seeing? Chaos in the snow is on the way towards them.

There’s plenty of detail in the puzzle. Although there’s lots of snow, if you’re not a fan of lots of one colour in puzzles, it’s not too much to work out.

Scroll down to see the puzzle solution and video.

If you want to learn how I do Wasgij puzzles without checking the solutions, check out my step by step guide.

Wasgiji Christmas 4 Christmas chaos solution

What’s been your favourite Wasgij puzzle?

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