This Wasgij Destiny 17 puzzle, Paying the Price, was harder than I expected, with a few mechanical details that caused me to rethink. But it’s a fun puzzle to do with many comic elements as usual from the brand.

Paying the price puzzle solution

The Destiny range is completed by working out what the box image would look like in the future. So this puzzle is of a garage and petrol station scene, back when petrol prices were cheap. What could it look like with these characters in future?

With cars and fun characters, there’s plenty of large areas of colours to get started with, and work from there.

If you’re looking for the Wasgij Destiny 17 Paying the Price puzzle solution, scroll further down for the image and a video.

I use the method I describe in my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij, to do my puzzles. And if you’re after helpful puzzle accessories like sorters or a puzzle board, check out my puzzle accessories post too.

Paying the price puzzle solution

Which is your favourite Wasgij puzzle?

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