Review: Kiddies food kutter

N’s been proficient in using a fork since around 13 months old, but it’s hard to know when’s the right time to introduce a knife at meal times. A couple of times I’ve tried as he’ll often use a spoon (or hands) to help scoop food onto his fork, but he’s always tried using the knife to shovel food into his mouth. Especially as children’s knives rarely tend to be able to actually cut food. So when I spotted that the Kiddies Food Kutter was going to be available in the UK this month, I jumped at the chance to review it.

Children's knife
Kiddies Food Cutter

It’s been brought over from Australia, and although it looks quite lethal for a toddler to be using, it’s been made to cut easily without cutting fingers. I’m a great believer in letting toddlers have as much independence as possible in learning to use tools (N’s been trying to peel carrots and potatoes for months) so I can relegate N’s usually rubbish children’s knives to the PlayDoh tool box and keep the Kiddies food cutter for meals.

N loves using a knife (usually for chopping up his PlayDoh), so when he wanted his banana chopping up for a snack, he was pleased to be offered a knife to use. While a bowl wasn’t the easiest to chop in (and ignore the initial stabbing he likes to do first!), the cutter seemed to fit his hand perfectly. He always looks as though he’s going to chop his fingers off, but the cutter was perfectly safe for that; no cut fingers!

Kiddies food cutter
Chopping bananas (not fingers)

The kiddies food kutter is crafted like a saw with notches, so it encourages children to saw the food; N’s still at the ‘just press down’ stage. He did have a go at a bit of sawing, but even just the pressing down worked nice and easily. From my point of view, I think the big serrations will help prevent the knife slipping off food as they’re learning to cut.

What’s also good with the cutter is that he immediately picked it up the correct way up with the serrated side down. With other children’s knives he’s always struggled to work out which side he should be cutting with so making harder work for himself.

He’s not yet had a go with a proper meal yet, so will have to see how he goes over the next few days.

To keep updated on when the Kiddies food kutter will be available, look out for them on Facebook or keep a look out on the website.


Disclosure: We received a Kiddies Food Kutter for the purpose of review, however all opinions are our own.

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