Toddlers and phones

I have a really chatty toddler.  But then aren’t most of them?!

N seems to be taking after me when it comes to the phone though.

He loves ‘chatting’ on the phone or any other toy, magnet, tv remote which could resemble a phone, but when it comes to anyone else being on the other end, he just will not talk.

Sometimes his dad’ll ring if he’s going to be late back from work to say hi and catch N before he goes to bed.  I put speakerphone on, but will he speak? Nope.  Just cowers behind his hands as though someone’s coming to get him.

Of course, once you say bye and go to hang up, that’s when he’ll start chatting away.  ‘Bye’ and waving, talking about anything and everything, more ‘byes’.  It’s madness, although more so for the person on the other end who wanted to speak to him.

And if he’s holding a mobile and we ring it, he’ll hand it to someone else as soon as possible.

Let’s hope he gets over it as he gets older as I really hate using the phone and avoid it where possible.  There could be benefits though.  Maybe he’ll not want a mobile phone really young and we could avoid the anticipated arguments?  Low phone bills?

What are your toddlers like with phones?

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  1. Nate was the same at that age, but he’ll talk a bit now to people on the phone. Not much, but he’s getting there. He also kisses the phone when Daddy’s on it which, as it’s a touch phone, turns it off :0)

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