Dad confusion

There’s been serious ‘dad confusion’ going on this week with N.

We’ve all gone through the bad cold & cough lurgy that seems to be going round.  N suffered a temperature at the end of last week, but apart from a bad cough at night, horrible runny nose (what’s different), plus serious increase in dribble, he seems to have had it mildly compared to the adults in the house.

I got away with a day of dizziness and feeling hot and cold, but the cold itself has been as normal.  I’ve hit it with lots of orange juice, my usual daily vitamin C and zinc supplement (echincea didn’t work for me), so I feel ok again reasonably quickly with merely the irritating cough.

OH has been hit harder.  Usually he moans that I’ve brought illness back from the office, but it can’t have been me this time!  He doesn’t usually get ill that frequently but when he does, it seems to hit hard.  I don’t think it’s helped by the fact that he works 7 days a week, and rarely takes any time off.  Last holiday was when I was 7 months pregnant so quite some time ago.  He’s been wiped out for 3 days.  Same cough, but just hasn’t felt right to be able to get up around the house.  He has managed to eat breakfast and dinner each day though.

This has caused total confusion for N.

Usually his dad comes in from the farm to see him at about 7.15am before he has breakfast.  Then when we’re at home, he’ll be in for lunch with us, and then again for tea.  Sometimes N will see him at morning & afternoon coffee time if we’re around on the farm, but to know he’s in the house but not well enough to clamber on and chatter to is flummoxing him.

It means if his dad needs some peace and relaxation, he has to go and hide in a room upstairs; otherwise I’ll turn round to find a little person quietly creeping up the stairs to find his dad so he can jump on him and say ‘hello Daddy’ (his favourite game at the moment).

OH will hopefully be better tomorrow so things will be more back to normal.  And dad confusion will be solved.


P.S.  The MADs 2013 (mum and dad blog awards) nominations are still open.  I’ve been so chuffed to be nominated in a couple of categories as it is, but it would be amazing to make the finals.  So if you’ve not already voted, and enjoy reading my blog, the nomination form is here.  My most suitable category for my blog is probably Family Life, but feel free to nominate away.

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