Innocent rabbit fun

Rabbit Rabbit

N’s quite partial to rabbits.

Not like that, before your mind starts whirring and wondering, given he’s only 2 years old!

He has a Peter Rabbit soft toy which his Gran gave him as a present when he was born.  It’s getting a bit floppy after 2 years of being cuddled and mauled, but he loves saying it’s name too. ‘Peter Rabbit’ must be a fun phrase to say as he does say it frequently.  It does sound more like ‘peder wabbit’ but is still recognisable.

One of my good friends gave him a little soft toy rabbit eating a carrot as an Easter gift last year. N recently discovered it in the bottom of one of the toy buckets and it now often makes a good replacement during his chill out pre-bedtime.

However, the other day I turned round to see him placing the two rabbits as below.

Innocent rabbit fun
Horsey horsey riding with rabbits

Oh dear. After much amusement (his and mine), I was assured that it was all innocent.  I’m sure he just thought it was the same as having a piggy back ride, or playing ‘horsey’ with him on my back in the swimming pool.  Thankfully it’s not some other inappropriate action that the OH has been encouraging him to learn.

I have to admit it took me back to the days when my brother and I would always chuckle when Pass the Pigs would end up in similar positions.  Totally by accident of course.


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  1. Ha ha. My 6yo asked me this morning if she could “play with my balls?” (She meant my magnetic neo ball things) the room rocked with laughter.

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