muddy trousers from nursery

Mud kitchens

Nursery have a new feature…a mud kitchen.

I used to think N was bad with sand, but at least that was dust-able off (and even when he mixed it with water, it wasn’t too awful on the washing front).

But the mud kitchen….

He arrived at nursery in neat and tidy red, white and blue in aid of their Armed Forces day activities, and his beige coloured canvas shoes.  Lots of activites – yoga bugs, eating tea in with pre-school room (he’s loving any time they’re spending with the older children at the moment), outside free flow play with lots of trike and tractor play.

They also had 2 soldiers come in, bringing with them 3 different size bomb disposal robots. How cool is that – can’t wait to see the photos when they’re available.

But the mud kitchen.  Yep, this is a new feature, in a gated off alley section inbetween two of the classrooms.  According to the very apologetic staff member (who’s lovely and really enthusiastic), he was really loving the mud kitchen.  Not just mud, but mixing with water as well.

Loving it so much, that from the look of his trousers and t-shirt, he must have gone climbing into whatever receptacle the mud was in.

muddy trousers from nursery

He had to be changed into his spare clothes…luckily although they were the size of trousers he’s now out of, they weren’t too half mast.

It’s great how he loves nursery and gets up to so much.  I suppose I need to get used to muddy clothes given he’s on a farm, and if he’s anything like his older cousins, I’m sure he’ll want to get out and about helping on the farm as much as possible.

butter wouldn't melt

Any tips for getting mud out of trousers welcome.


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