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Review: Tangle Teezer

I don’t often treat myself to something new on the hair and beauty front, mainly because I stock up on 3 for 2 so end up spending ages using them all up.  But I do struggle with tangly hair.  Seriously tangled.  With fine hair, I can put all the styling products in the world on it, but step outside in even a slight breeze, and my hair will be so knotted by the time I go back inside that I struggle to untangle in.

It’s awful after swimming (although I can’t understand that given I tie it up), so I really should get something to put through my hair beforehand/comb it before putting it up to swim – even better, I should wear a hat really as that would avoid the colour stripping issue as well.  Not that I go swimming for me, just for N, so really I’m not sure how it can get so tangled.

This weekend I wasn’t looking for anything in particular in the hair care aisle, but meandering past in Boots I spotted some funky different hair brushes that were calling me over.   I tend to use a big detangling comb, but even that doesn’t really help – considering my hair’s only mid length, even those combs can be hard to get rid of the tangles.  But I decided to try the Tangle Teezer and chose a cool purple and pink version.

Tangle Teezer
Looks different
tangle teezer brush
Is different

They’re meant to be ergonomically designed so they sit comfortably in the hand, and it’s definitely easy to use, fitting nicely into the hand.  The spikes aren’t hard as all, so don’t dig into the hair, but because there’s lots of them on a large space, I found that’s what helped glide through my wet hair.  It eased nicely through my tangles, much more easily than any other brush or comb I’ve noticed.  Even after sleeping, the next morning, the brush was still easy to comb through my hair without having too many problems.  My hair’s been really soft today (having washed it yesterday morning) – yesterday I’d only used a plump it up spray, and then this morning some dry shampoo so nothing special apart from changing the brush.

detangle brush
Easy to brush

The only downside so far is that it’s not really suitable for blowdrying hair or styling because of the shape (I need more of a barrel to get some lift), but I did have to resort to it to untangle while using my normal brush to blow dry.

It’s pricy, but probably no more pricy than a good hair brush; if it stops wrecking my hair while I’m trying to detangle, it’s got to be worth the money.  I’m even thinking I’ll get one for my swimming bag as well.   They’re all over the internet, and in checking their website, I notice it was a Dragon’s Den reject.  As well as wet hair, it’s meant to be good for coloured hair – maybe that’s an added reason why my hair tangles so badly even when it’s shorter and has just been cut.

Anyway, I’m loving it and off to tell everyone else I meet about it!

What sort of brush do you use?

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  1. I’d really love to have a real tangle teezer! But I’m making do with this £1 alternative that works great! Check out my blog to find out where I got it from and my thoughts on it!

    Shannon x


    1. Wow, off to have a nosy, as need a second one for my swim bag, but baulking at spending another tenner for something used only once a week.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I can see how great it would be for long hair – would definitely be a time saver.
      My hair’s mid length, but gets very tangled as it’s fine, even just after being cut, so am pleased this does the job so easily. (plus my 2 year old like the spikes on it!)

  2. I bought a Tangle Teezer a few months ago. I want to grow my hair longer, but the ends were in really poor condition and I read this brush helps prevent split ends. I’ve found it very good, but I would prefer it to have a handle, it has gone flyer across the room a few times.

    I also don’t get the swimming tangle thing. I used to plait my hair and then wear a swimming hat and it was still knotty afterwards. I stopped swimming then until we started doing baby classes.

    1. A handle option version would be good – I can’t use mine when blow drying so have to switch between the TT and a different one which is a bit of a faff.

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