Hand washing

If N continues the way he is, he’ll be spot on his hygiene.

He’s still a big fan of washing his hands, helped I expect, by the continued excitement of running water. No idea why children find it so exciting, although I suppose we all should really.

I’m astounded that the process of putting soap on (we have squirty soap), rubbing hands together, running the water and rinsing off the bubbles is still a favourite.

When he suds up, it’s like he’s a surgeon…he rolls up his sleeves and puts the soap up his arms as well as on his hands. That does make it hard as his arms aren’t long enough to reach under the taps so I’m not sure he rinses that well.

His drying technique definitely needs improvement though.

It definitely makes life easy when we go to visit the hospital, as it’s the norm for him to have the anti-bac gel squirted on so he can wash on entering and leaving. They have similar foaming wash at nursery by the entrances for them after playing, so it does make life easier with him being used to it and it being almost automatic.

Do your little ones love or hate washing their hands and running taps?

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