Eggstra-ordinary – egg box appearance

Last night we came in from our family birthday party celebrations to see a large egg box that someone had left on the table in the hall.  Interesting I thought, and moved it to the kitchen out of the way of N’s reach.

Looking inside I thought the eggs looked small, and very rustic with all the straw and grass.    But I did wonder who they’d come from and what I was meant to do with them.

What would you have done?

a) Put the eggs in the fridge with the other shop bought eggs

b) Leave on the side

c) Use for breakfast and have a treat of scrambled eggs on toast

guinea fowl eggs
Rustic eggs

When I asked the OH what they were doing and what he wanted me to do with them, I was told they’re guinea fowl eggs for the incubator for breeding.  I’m still not sure who turned up with them though.

Ah, good job I didn’t put them in the fridge.   Or eat them.  I don’t think he’d have been impressed with that.

The joys of being on a farm, and not knowing what’s going to turn up at any time.

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