Old School Pancakes

Although Pancake Day was on Tuesday, as we weren’t well enough to have them then, we had our pancakes yesterday.  Nothing like a wait to build up expectations.

Every year I make the batter using Delia’s recipe – supposedly making 12-14 pancakes.  Ok, so our pan is huge, however it only made 4, so some way off her number.  And every year, the OH tells me that I tell him that next year I’ll make double (and every year I forget…note to self, in 2014 use a different recipe or make double!).

OH is the one who cooks the pancakes.  It’s handy having a keen toddler who can’t wait, as he’s happy to have the uneven ‘rubbish’ one that comes first.  I just automatically put on a squeeze of lemon and some sugar.

After an initial shock, the pancake was hacked with his little knife (even though I’d already cut it for him), and demolished.  Think it went down well, but next year will definitely need more batter if the 3 of us want more than one each.

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