Ways to use sugar free skinny syrups

13 ways to use sugar free syrups

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One of the shops I like to browse is TK Maxx. Not for clothes – the jumble sale that is their clothes rails hurts my eyes and head, and I don’t think I’ve ever bought more than a couple of tops for myself or socks for my brother in there. Shoes I can just about live with – because a new pair of Birkenstocks every couple of years to add to the collection is essential, isn’t it. But gifts and kitchenware I could spend hours browsing.

There’s always something I can find for birthday presents, or if I need to replace something in the kitchen. Plus they always have nice Christmas tree baubles – I’ll treat myself to a new one each year if I can find something really beautiful. The occasional Bedhead hair products if I spot them are usually something I’ll grab too.

I’ve never bought much food – it’s generally more expensive than I’d want to pay. But sometimes something will catch my eye, and the Jordan’s skinny syrups* looked interesting to try. I was very restrained and only bought a couple, but there’s so many in the range, they’re worth keeping a look out for.

Ways to use sugar free skinny syrups

Most people would use these sugar free syrups in drinks – either as a coffee syrup or in hot chocolate. I’m a bit weird about flavourings in hot chocolate because they always smell so much nicer than they taste. But these are keto friendly due to the type of sweetener they use, so it allows you to pep up and flavour other dishes or drinks.

I started thinking about all the other meals you could try the sugar free syrups in to add a different flavour.

Ways to use sugar free syrups

Hot drinks – add to hot chocolate or coffee for a ‘coffee shop’ style drink.

Milk shakes (or go all out with a freakshake instead) – just add a bit of flavouring to milk and ice cubes, adding some ice cream for a really thick milkshake, and blend

Lemonade – add to make a flavoured lemonade

Mix with soda water – make an alternative to lime and soda

Yoghurt – just add a drizzle or teaspoonful to plain yohurt and stir in

Icing – add in place of (some or all) of the liquid part with icing sugar and mix. If you don’t want as strong a taste, start with a small amount, then top up with water. You might find you need more than you think to get the taste.

Fruit salad – drizzle over fruit salad to add flavour

Pancakes – pimp up your pancakes for personalised flavour and top with relevant fruit or other toppings.

syrup on pancakes with blueberries

Cakes – add to plain vanilla traybakes or cakes, instead of vanilla extract. Or even use them to make a drizzle to keep a cake moist. Just prick holes in the top of the cake with a skewer and pour over some syrup for extra flavour. Serve with cream as a dessert.

Dessert sauce – simmer some syrup down to be thicker or more concentrate, and use as a coulis or sauce for a dessert like ricotta cakes or sponge pudding.

Ice cream – use as a topping for a sundae

Desserts – use as a drizzle over a fruit pavlova, to whisk some into cream to use in a roulade or trifle topping,

Fudge – add to fudge as a flavouring. Don’t forget to increase the amount of chocolate added to make sure it offsets the liquid of the syrup and still sets (try 100g extra chocolate to every tablespoon of liquid).

You can buy Jordans sugar free syrups or other brands of skinny sytups online if you can’t find them in shops on the high street.

What else would you use flavoured syrups for?

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  1. I have eyed these up a number of times in friends houses but never really sure how to use them enough to warrant buying them. How long do they keep once they are open?

    1. I’ll have to check, I’ve hardly used any as you don’t need a lot to flavour something, but I’ll leave stuff for ages (usually in the fridge). I pretty much ignore best before/use by dates. It would be nice to be able to get them in smaller bottles but they all seem to be the large ones I’ve seen.. (Just checked, Google reckons 3-6 months with the cap on at room temperature!)

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